The year 2022 proved to be a busy one in terms of major sporting events. Fans followed their countries’ athletes to the Winter Olympics in Beijing with bated breath. The whole world is watching the best football teams fight for the right to compete in the World Cup in Qatar. And that’s not counting the annual tournaments, cups and championships.

Betting companies have taken online betting to a whole new level with the development of online platforms. The bettor does not even have to leave the house to place a bet on sports: all he has to do is have a gadget with an internet connection at hand.

Players who prefer to bet online have access to all the main features of land-based gambling establishments. A wide list, favorable odds and a bonus program attract more and more new customers.

Bookmakers are constantly improving, adding more and more functions and features. For example, until recently, bets were accepted strictly before the start of a sporting event and the terms of the deal could not be changed.

Today, most online platforms offer users real-time betting. For experienced bettors, the ability to adjust the betting amount and terms during the selected event means an excellent chance of winning.

For several years now, tennis, boxing and MMA, as well as football, have been at the top of the list of betting options in live betting. Let’s take a closer look at the variants of tennis betting and the basic conditions for increasing betting probability.

What kind of tennis betting is there?


Tennis is an emotional and dynamic sport that does not always lend itself to logical conclusions. Quite often, in both men’s and women’s championships, the play of the nominal favourites does not compare with that of the underdogs.
In this sport, absolutely everything matters: the weather on the day of play, the mental and physical state of the players, the motivation of each player, the court surface and even the relationship between the opponents.
Bookmakers offer an extensive betting line-up for tennis betting:
a straight set victory of one of the sides;
totals for the total number of sets and games;
the total number of points scored in a set or game;
bets on statistics (aces, double faults, breaks);
plus and minus handicaps;
live betting.

Betting on the next game

Betting on the next game is in high demand in live betting. Tennis itself is a dynamic and unpredictable sport, and with this betting option, there is no time at all to make the right decision.
Such bets are more suitable for knowledgeable bettors and require serious preparation. The most popular bets are on a clean win by one of the players in the next match.
The betting odds vary according to the level and ranking of the tennis players. If the strengths are roughly equal, the odds will vary between 1.5-3. If one athlete is vastly superior to the other, it is possible to find bets with figures of 6-7.
Almost always a bet is placed on the pitcher at lower odds than on the receiver. Although there are exceptions in this situation as well.

Which matches are suitable for betting?


Experienced players recommend not spreading your attention over a large number of games, but betting on a single match. In addition, you should familiarise yourself with the most up-to-date information on each of the tennis players before making a bet.
There are 2 varieties of matches suitable for betting:
one side has excellent statistics from their innings. Such bets are not very profitable, but they have a high permeability;
One side takes the pitches well. Such bets will be paid higher, but the risk here is greater. The most optimal strategy in this case is catch-up.
It is best to skip the game at the beginning and end of the set. Some tennis players with ideal performance have a very hard time “flowing” into the game. At the end of the game, the emotional background of the opponents is even more unstable: stress and physical fatigue are affecting. In addition, players often try to force things to end the meeting as soon as possible.

Live game strategy

It is best to use a real-time strategy of long-play. Many bettors are wary of this tactic, believing it to be too aggressive. However, in such an unpredictable and dynamic sport as tennis, overtaking has proved its worth.
Having decided to catch up, you should adhere to game tactics in any situation. To begin with, you need to focus on a specific tournament or choose one or two players with high potential. A bettor must have a strong nervous system in order not to pay attention to secondary sports events with high odds.
Catching up is an increase in the initial bet after each loss. The rate can be doubled or increased by a fixed percentage of the entire pot. It all depends on the skill of the player and his financial capabilities.
First you need to decide on the amount of the initial bet. Experts do not recommend betting more than 1-3% of the entire bankroll even on the most obvious outcome.
The next step is to choose the most optimal catch-up option for yourself. Beginners are encouraged to increase the rate gradually, thereby reducing the risk of going bankrupt after 5-6 events. The increase can be equal to the original bet or the sum of the last two bets.
If the player is familiar with tennis betting and has a substantial bankroll, a more aggressive Martingale technique can be tried. Its essence is to bet twice as much after each failure. A success will increase the bank considerably, but a failure can empty it in a short time.
The most favourable odds are usually offered on the receiving side. That is, betting on the receiving side will be more profitable than betting on the serving side.

Reversal betting in tennis


The main differences between tennis and other sports are speed and unpredictability. On their basis, bookmakers offer reversal bets. They are relevant in any game during which an advantage in one direction or another is possible. Such bets are especially popular in major women’s tournaments. The odds are pleasing to the eye and the wallet: events with odds of 7-8 often appear in the line.
For reversal bets, games are great in which the nominal favorite for one reason or another loses the advantage on the court: injury, emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue. It often happens that a strong player at the beginning of the match makes a serious mistake, and then the whole game cannot pull himself together.
Betting is also relevant when the underdog is personally motivated and is able to turn the tide in his favour.


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