Betting surebets used to be a great income earner. Now it’s just a waste of time.

Surebets are a potentially win-win option. You just need to find a surebet and place a bet in the right proportion, and then it remains only to see which outcome will play and get a win. Profit is guaranteed.

But if it’s actually so profitable, why isn’t everyone doing surebets? Yes, simply because this occupation has long lost its relevance. In this article, we will explain why this happened.

What is a betting surebet


A fork is an arbitrage situation that occurs quite rarely now. Two bookmakers may evaluate the chances of a team or one athlete differently. In this case, a situation arises in which you can bet in two different bookmakers on opposite outcomes and make a profit in any case. This situation is called a fork.
There is a whole category of players who professionally search for surebets and bet on it. Such players (they are also called arbers) have an unspoken war with bookmakers: players try to make bets with guaranteed profits, and bookmakers monitor this in every possible way and punish arbers: they reset bets, cut maximums, block accounts.

What are the types of surebets?

In fact, there are two types of surebets – pre match and live. The former imply the possibility of placing a bet on an event that has not yet begun, and therefore this type of bet is suitable for a beginner. You can safely calculate the options, determine the required bet size for each outcome.

Live surebets are designed for experienced cappers, since in real time the odds are constantly changing in one direction or the other, and often even seconds of delay lead to the fact that the capper is in the red.

In addition, you can consider surebets deals for different sports and specific outcomes. If we talk about football, then the most likely outcomes for finding surebets are totals and handicaps with an indicator of 0.5.

In tennis or basketball, bets are placed on a team to win or lose, since a draw is completely or almost completely excluded by the nature of the sport.

Now let’s talk about the main reasons why surebets are unprofitable today. Believe me, there are many. Much more than meets the eye.

Progress of bookmakers


At the beginning of the 21st century, betting on surebets was very profitable. The companies worked offline, there was no possibility to constantly check the line. Therefore, such situations arose constantly and, moreover, lived for hours, if not days.
In addition, the bookmakers did not have the technological ability to monitor the behavior of their players. A real expanse for arbers!
Now online bookmakers are constantly monitoring both the players and the odds offered by competitors. Thus, the surebets now live no more than a few minutes.
In addition, during this time it is important not only to find a surebet, but also to have time to place bets on both of its shoulders. Already a difficult task. But even if you manage to complete it, there is a high probability that you will be calculated and at least cancel the bet. And they can block the account, and even confiscate the money.

Surebets need to learn

Surebets is a difficult business, it needs to be learned, to delve into the details. In addition to learning how to directly search and calculate surebets, now you also need to know how to bypass the bookmaker’s security service. It is very difficult, learning will take time. Most players are simply too lazy to spend their efforts on this. They want to do nothing and take profits. Therefore, they do not even try to go in search of surebets.


Finding surebets is a serious waste of time. If you think that you will find 10 surebets daily, we will disappoint you. This definitely won’t happen. A few surebets a month is maximum. Is it worth the hours spent looking for an arbitrage situation? Probably not. So it’s not even worth trying.


A surebet is just a few percent of the profit each time. As we have already said, at best you will be able to find several surebets per month. Therefore, if you manage to use it wisely, then the profitability will be comparable to a bank deposit. Perhaps a little higher. Is it worth all the risks? Absolutely not a fact.

Start-up capital

Of course, you will have to bet on the surebets with your own money. In this case, the profit will be 3-5% of the investment. Thus, you should understand that in order to make significant money on surebets, you will have to bet large amounts. The larger the amount, the bigger the win. After all, 3-5% of 1000 rubles is only 30-50 rubles!
But there is always a risk that the bookmaker will cancel the bet of the surebet. And then you will either have to overlap and lose money, or hope that the remaining leverage will play. This is very risky and dangerous, and the money is not someone else’s, they are their own. Therefore, the risks of losing at least no less. Remember this.
In addition, in order to deal with surebets professionally, you will need to find software, a surebet scanner. There are free programs, but their quality is appropriate.
Therefore, you have to spend money on finding a paid scanner that will monitor the lines of many bookmakers online. However, it should not be used by many people. You know, such programs cost a lot.



Betting is about having fun. Betting is not about making money; it is about having fun.It is a pleasant excitement.And forking is not about gambling, it is about cold calculation, pragmatism. Of course, it is earning money, but all the romance of betting disappears in this case.That’s not what we like about betting, which is why we certainly don’t recommend taking on surebets.
Of course, there is a category of people who do not believe that it is possible to generate income in this way. And sceptics cannot be persuaded, they don’t need to be. In any case, we have given you the answer to your question.
So, we do not recommend wasting time looking for surebets, today it is already a utopia. Surebet requires serious investments, you need to keep large amounts of money on the accounts of bookmakers and immediately respond if a surebet is found.
At the same time, you will certainly face constant risks: the bookmaker can adjust the odds before you put down, you can cancel bets, freeze your account and even confiscate funds from your account.
Every year there are only fewer professionals who deal with surebets. They leave because they understand: they need to come up with something else, the business becomes less profitable. Yes, someone stays and finds opportunities to earn money, but it’s definitely not worth it for beginners to enter this business today. It is better to spend time on a competent analysis of matches, and you will succeed in an honest way. Good luck bidding!