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There are always two paths to the world of poker: it is either a way of escapism or a way to fix your finances. Poker itself is a giant puzzle. If you put everything together properly, you will succeed in a short time.

Where to start? With planning and analysis of the wrong opinions. We will do this today. There are as many opinions as there are people. Online poker, like traditional one, has a multimillion audience. That’s why poker is not only popular but is also surrounded by a lot of myths and rumours. It wouldn’t seem bad at first glance, that’s what success goes with. But negative thoughts take over common sense very quickly. And poker loves a cold and sober mind.

Virtually live all the bad scenarios and lose the whole bank at once – these are only some of the tricky thoughts that come to poker players at an online casino.

What are the most common myths? Today we will talk about how to identify wrong thinking in poker. We head for victory.

Does poker fall for luck?


The role of luck in poker is overrated. Many people believe that good luck is the crucial unit in the whole chain. And if you didn’t succeed today, that’s because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, not because you had a wrong strategy. But that’s the wrong thinking. Of course, luck can be important, but it is only 10% of everything you will face. And this 10% are what the player can not influence. However, everything else is down to you. And we are talking about serious preparation and practice. You can retort with the famous ‘beginner’s luck’. Of course, luck could play a role here. But you can’t imagine how focused are new poker players. They can give ‘veterans’ a head start.

Professional poker is for the young

That’s something one person made up, and everyone went with it. It’s like a famous myth about a professional football career ending when you are 30. You celebrated your jubilee and then retired. And if sportsmen do have a biological clock that is ticking, poker does not require checking the passport.
Success depends on your mindset. It is never too late to become a professional. It is not too late to change direction, turn from a teacher into a poker player and back. Poker can be your job or a hobby. In the second case, you can delicately combine both things. You shouldn’t be afraid to take a step. You shouldn’t think that everything possible has already been won. While the famous game is interesting for people, there will always be something to put in your wallet.

What if I lose?

This infamous ‘what if’ leads a lot of new players astray. Perhaps it should be the first point in the alphabet of poker.
To succeed, you must accept one thing – there will be losses. And that is okay. Poker is not a straight line. It is a parabola with all its curves. Today is a good day. Tomorrow will be excellent. And on the day after tomorrow, you can get into the red, but hopefully not into a crisis. And that’s why it is better to get to know bankroll management in advance.
It is more difficult for many players to accept the fact of a loss than to lose their money. This is psychologically oppressing. Motivation suffers alongside confidence. Treat a negative day as a place for a good start.

To start again is to lose everything

Perhaps the most terrifying fear is to come back to where you started. But it is not true. It is a chance to go down a different route.
There is no shame in getting into the red. This is a wake-up call that there may be some mistakes or incorrect moves that should be worked on. You can ask any professional poker player, and they will tell you that poker is not about calm. And the same person would tell you that they started several times again. And that is okay.

Emotions will take over, then what?

Perhaps, many people would like to be in an emotional vacuum, feeling nothing and watching indifferently how their bluff didn’t work. But not many can play it cool.
Modern poker communities’ have coaches and mentors to work with players, who take psychological sessions and provide the necessary help. If you are playing alone, we advise you to deal with this issue yourself, not pretend it doesn’t exist. A person needs another person. If you have a ‘coach’ by your side, even if it’s not a professional psychologist, it would be the one who puts your mind back and helps deal with emotions.

‘I just have no luck’

i-just-have no-luck

You can think of the moral side of poker for a long time. About keeping your head up. But one loss can cross everything out.
It is curious that even if you played well for several sessions, but today is ‘not your day’, there comes a thought that poker is not your cup of tea. Why does it work like this?
That is because your brain focuses on negative things faster than positive ones. It is easier to call yourself a loser than believe that you are capable of many things. It is easier to get upset after one loss and invalidate all your victories than to say ‘pull yourself together and go on’. But that is not a single case. Human beings are made this way: we believe in negatives faster than positives. Break the pattern. One loss should never invalidate your accomplishments.

You cannot control circumstances

You have heard the phrase ‘these circumstances are bigger than me’. It is a good excuse when something goes wrong. But when a person understands that they are responsible for their life and takes control of it, all the circumstances ‘miraculously’ work as they should.
To raise the thought that ‘bad day’, wrong cards or wrong place at the table are to blame for everything is a wrong way. It is better to analyze your actions, find the mistake and correct it.

Every loss contains limitless opportunities.


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