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A sudden trauma can turn even the strongest analysis to dust. Many players are attracted to tennis betting because most often they have to choose from two options – the victory of one of the athletes, the handicap or the total. In addition, it is easier for some to analyze two tennis players, rather than two teams, as in team sports. But there are also disadvantages: if the game does not go well, if the tennis player gets up on the wrong foot, the bet can go to waste.

And if a player gets injured, then even a winning match can slip out of his hands! In this article, we will tell you how to protect yourself from force majeure as much as possible.

Read the rules of bookmakers


In general, many players do not take into account the injury factor in tennis, and this is very strange. According to statistics, approximately 3% of all matches end with the refusal of one of the athletes. Moreover, there are times when a player is removed just a couple of balls away from victory.

The first thing you need to do to keep yourself safe is to read the bookmaker’s rules. At least then you will know what will happen to your bet. Every betting company has its own rules and they are different.

That is, one bet will be calculated differently at different bookmakers. Therefore, without knowing the rules of a particular operator, disputes and unpleasant surprises cannot be avoided. Let’s take a look at the bookmakers’ possible reactions to a tennis player’s refusal to continue.

How bookmakers react to the refusal of a tennis player

There are five possible options. Let’s take a look at it all.

  1. Bets will be settled if the match has started. The most rigid and practically not currently used option. But there were times when it was commonplace. In this scenario, if at least one draw is completed in the match, all bets on the tennis player who has withdrawn from the game will be losing. Regardless of what score was on the scoreboard at the time of withdrawal. That is, it is enough for a tennis player to enter the game, and then in the event of an injury, all bets on him will be calculated as a defeat.
  2. The bets are calculated if one game is played. Not as radical, but also a very cruel option for players. If a player withdraws at the start of the match, in the first game, all bets will be refunded. If a game is played, all bets on the injured tennis player are lost.
  3. Bets are calculated if the first set is played. This is the most popular betting option with bookmakers today. Most companies use it. Here, if the failure occurs during the first set, the bets will be calculated as a return. If it happens later, all bets will be calculated. And then it all depends on who you bet
  4. The stakes are calculated if two sets are completed. Also a fair enough option, but not a very popular one. Here, it’s exactly the same as in the previous situation, but you need the tennis players to have had time to play two sets.
  5. The bets will only be calculated if the whole match is played. This position can also be found in some betting companies. Here, force majeure and withdrawal will always mean a refund. But only if the player withdraws. If he simply sits out with an injury until the end of the match, the encounter will be deemed over and all bets will be settled then.

Remember that in any case, bets will be calculated on outcomes that have already been decided unambiguously. Suppose you bet on a tennis player to win the first set, win it, and then refuse to continue. In that case, you will surely get your betting winnings, because the first set is over.

How to capitalise on injuries in tennis

With the right approach, you can learn to capitalise on tennis players’ injuries. Let’s try and break down what can be done here by example.

  • Option 1: You know that a player is out for the match with an injury, and you bet against him. Betting on such a market is best done at betting shops that calculate bets after one ball or one game has been played. In that case, a forfeit will win you the bet.
  • Option 2. The player has an injury, the bookmaker takes this into account in his odds, but you want to take your chances. Perhaps the player is famous for his strong moral qualities, or maybe the opponent is just too weak. In that case, you can bet on the injured player’s victory with high odds at the office, which will only calculate bets if the match is played. If the match is not played, a refund will be made.

Injuries in tennis are quite common. Statistically, every 30th match ends with one player refusing to continue. And there is a good profit to be made from it! It is true that you have to constantly monitor the news and social media of the tennis players and follow the match records. You have to keep an eye on the news and social media of the tennis players and follow the match

Pay particular attention to tennis players who have taken a medical time out in recent matches. This indicates that something is bothering the player, but perhaps not so much as to remove him from the game. Your best option is to keep a special list of these players. And keep track of the status of each of them.

Another category of tennis players you might be interested in are players who have just come back from injury. Yes, that’s the paradox. Of course, we wish everyone well and hope that everyone can avoid a relapse, but that’s not the point.

At first it is difficult to find a playing rhythm, you have to play at the limit, and it is limited. Therefore, in this situation, a player can give up in order not to aggravate an injury. Play exactly as much as he is ready for today.

With proper analysis, constant monitoring and the right bookmaker for your particular situation, betting on injury-prone tennis players can do you a lot of good. Don’t be lazy, take the time to research all the information you can, and then you’ll win. Good luck with your bets!


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