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Game strategies arose simultaneously with the appearance of gambling entertainment. The online casino gave users more options, especially roulette lovers. Tactics based on the theory of probability analyse statistical data, calculating an approximate result. By using the best odds roulette programs, you can increase the expectation of winning.

Historical background


The 21st century is associated with the rapid development of digital technologies. The possibilities of computer programs are growing. Previously, computers performed routine tasks that made people’s work easier. They could not analyse complex algorithms.

At the end of the 20th century, the first bots were not effective or in demand. They were used in the laboratories. The launch of online casinos has changed the attitude towards utilities.

Computing applications are used for personal gain. Their number is increasing. At the same time, the operators did not do anything about the bots. Initially, casinos didn’t mind the use of third-party software. But as the number of utilities grew, some made changes to the rules, forbidding players from using them.

Gambling developers have begun to offer users applications for statistical data analysis. Licensed software from providers quickly became popular, and their number is growing. Now there are dozens of analysers and emulators on the internet that increase the probability of winning.


Free online roulette programs increase the chances of winning. Spin analysers are based on mathematical calculations. The probability of the number they predict coming up is not guaranteed. Users analyse previously played bets and decide for themselves.

You can make sure the operator is reliable by making a few thousand spins. The analyser calculates even bets results. The bets played must be similar to those shown in the application.

The effectiveness of using the software depends on the player’s skills. Knowledge of strategies and personal experience will help to predict the result. The functionality of the program allows you to test different approaches in a free mode. Successful tactics can be applied to a real game.

What are the types of applications


Players try to increase their chances of winning in different ways. Some rely on luck and bet on ‘lucky’ numbers. Others use one of the many strategies. The third category of players chooses software. The work of the software is based on mathematical analysis.

Utilities are created by experienced people who understand the game and its strategies. The algorithm of the application is based on the formation of the probable result of rotation. It shows the possible betting options that give more chances of winning.

The statistical tool processes thousands of spins. Beginners use utilities with an archive of rotations for analysis. The base contains the results of the last spins. It is easier for the user to choose a bet and calculate the chances of it falling out.

To use the program, you need to install the file. Select verified resources for the download. Analysers can be free or paid. The latter often offers a demo mode.

Software for winning

There is a lot of software that increases the probability of winning. You can download a free number roulette program on the internet and use it to analyse bets. Applications are designed to increase the chances of receiving a payout but do not guarantee winnings.

There are online offers that promise 100% success after purchase. The utility allegedly changes the wheel rotation algorithm, and the player will receive prize money. It is better not to download files for money without a demo mode. The software is inefficient, so the user will lose funds. Often these applications contain viruses that will harm your computer.

Before downloading the program, you need to make sure that it is reliable: analyse the information about the manufacturer, look for player reviews and run the demo version to get acquainted with the functionality. If the free mode is not provided, it is better to choose another application.

Calculation of odds

Programs are also called payoff calculators. They analyse the statistics collected in the game. It is based on the history of spins, taking into account all the bets. The result of the automatic forecast depends on the received information. The longer the app has had access to the game, the more accurate its result will be.
The analysers connect to the roulette, or the user can enter the data manually. There are many calculators available on the internet. They are not prohibited in the casino. There are utilities for all types of games or separately for each one.

Calculators are developed based on one or more strategies. There are programs that analyse five or more tactics. Software is selected according to the types of bets. The developers have provided several options, so the nuances of the application itself are also taken into account before downloading.



Applications that simulate a game and spin the wheel at high speed are called emulators. They are used to calculate the possible result of a random number generator. Such software helps to analyse the chosen strategy, while there is no risk of losing money.

The application interface is simple. To work with it, you need to:

  • Select bets.
  • Specify the minimum and maximum amount.
  • Set the number of spins to analyse.
  • Determine odds for winning bets.
  • Select the type of roulette (the number of zeros affects the advantage and mathematical calculations).
  • Using additional parameters is possible. There are emulators that analyse a certain strategy. Some software is suitable for collecting statistics on the types of bets or sequences of numbers.

After launching the application, statistics are displayed on the screen. It shows the history of the game and the numbers that appeared more often. The free versions have a limited number of spins. After the trial period, you can buy software and use it without limits on spins.

The best roulette software

Based on the player feedback, a list of software increases the chances of a payout has been created. Software testing shows its reliability and safety. The best utilities are selected from the ones available on the internet:

  • Roulette Xtreme v2.4: calculates probabilities for popular types of roulette such as European, French and American. Allows you to test betting strategies and create your own tactics. System editor and RNG available.
  • RouletteRaid v5.0: The application is based on the principles of five strategies and predicts the probability of winning the next bet.
  • Roulette Tamer v2.0: the calculator is developed by Playtech, which officially recommends the utility. Designed for the European type of roulette. Supports offline mode and has two bet ranges.
  • Wheel Magister v1.3.0: built-in probability calculation algorithm analyses spins. Shows the possibility of several types of bets falling out (equal chances, groups of numbers, etc.). The players note down the numbers themselves or choose with the help of RNG.
  • RealTime Roulettemaster v1.01: the analyser is designed for European roulette. Works in real-time.
  • Roulette Pro v1.2: a calculator with a base of 1000 spins. Only for the European version of the game. Video tutorials are available for beginners.
  • Winnings v1.0: gives out numbers that have the highest probability.
  • Numerology: Shows six numbers that are expected to come up.
    The described software is reliable, and it is recommended by gambling manufacturers for online casinos.

Instructions for installation and configuration

On online forums and websites, there are offers to purchase a program for winning at roulette. After payment, you can download the software to your computer, and you cannot find such applications in official stores. For beginners, it is better to start with demo versions.

Before installation, it is recommended to study the reviews of other players and clarify the details with the software developer on the website. Users leave comments on forums. If the seller guarantees 100% winnings, such software better not be used.
You can search for free programs. The authors may accept charitable contributions. Their utilities have a simple and intuitive interface, so they do not require special skills to use.

To start working with the software, you need to:

  • Download the software from a trusted resource.
  • Open the setup file. If the antivirus program does not allow the download, choose another software.
  • Run the installation and follow the instructions.
  • Open application.

The process of using the utility depends on its type. It is easier to work with calculators, and emulator algorithms are more difficult. There are instructions for each type of software. The authors share the nuances of use so the players quickly understand the installed software.

If a demo version is available, the application limits the user on the number of possible spins. Such programs help to test the software and learn more about the functionality. Before buying, it is important to make sure that the chosen service is reliable.


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