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The two most famous hockey leagues in the world are the KHL and the NHL. Perhaps even those who are far from playing on ice know these abbreviations. But, if you don’t be a regular at hockey matches, don’t like sports betting, don’t follow developments closely, then it may seem that this is almost the same thing.

It’s just one letter that’s different. But there’s a chasm in that one letter. Yes, playing for both the NHL and KHL is prestigious. The young teams’ number one goal is to get into the KHL.

What is the fundamental difference? What to consider first of all when betting on hockey? How to avoid mistakes in sports betting by focusing on leagues? We understand in this article.

NHL: a priori the first?


The National Hockey League is in prime. She has 31 clubs under her command. And this is the largest number of teams in the entire life of the league.
The NHL has its own clear system. It’s like a well-coordinated mechanism, which is timely lubricated with oil.
They make extensive use of player exchanges, constantly attracting “young blood”. Especially when it comes to injured players. Experts talk about interesting numbers: on average, each team has around half a hundred hockey players.
An interesting fact: the NHL treats each of the clubs the same way. There are no clear favorites and outsiders. The team has a goal and it’s never hindered in this, but only promoted. Each club can theoretically reach the final of the tournament and take the coveted trophy.

About the main system of the NHL: losers – go!

Developed over the years and confirmed by hundreds of tournaments, the NHL system really deserves a separate discussion.
The fact is that in the NHL there is a principle – first the losers. The team that is clearly weaker, or that ended up at the bottom of the standings last year, has the right to choose the most desirable players in the world in the first place. In this way, the NHL is trying to equalize the strength of all teams and not single out obvious contenders for the Stanley Cup. This is the main intrigue of each season: who will be able to reach the hockey podium this time? After all, teams, like decks of cards, are shuffled from season to season. And it turns out that every club seems to get a second chance for leadership again and again.
The second point is salaries. The amounts that hockey players earn in the most prestigious leagues are legendary. And, probably, it is better to be satisfied with rumors than to hear these millions of dollars in reality, because the number of zeros is quite difficult to count. Another feature of the NHL: the salary fund limit for each team is the same.

KHL: always on the sidelines?

The KHL is always guided by the NHL. But so far the differences between the two are quite pronounced.
It is known that the KHL is a league that unites not only Russian teams, but also top clubs from Asia and, of course, Europe. The League has long been recognized as practically the most authoritative in the world. But no matter how powerful the KHL is, no matter how many hockey players in regional teams dream of being admitted to this league, it is the second. In fairness, the KHL has long left behind all the powerful championships of such mastodons as Sweden, the Czech Republic, Finland.
Who plays in the KHL? Players who tried out in the NHL, but either something didn’t work out, or their character didn’t fit with the rhythm of life, or for some personal reasons they decided to settle in the KHL.
In the KHL there are clear divisions into strong clubs and those who lurk modestly at the tail end. There is a corresponding difference in incentives. Even though KHL representatives have countered that everyone’s salary cap is equal, this is clearly not the case.
In addition, the KHL has a set limit on foreign players. For example, each club has no more than six foreign hockey players. Teams from Europe and Asia are required to enter at least five hockey players from their home country.
To summarize: the NHL does not divide teams into “rich” and “poor”, into good and bad, does not judge by the results of past seasons. Provides equal support and equal conditions for all. In the KHL, the gap between the top teams and those at the bottom is too noticeable.
This can be seen in salaries, and in the conditions for training and in the composition of teams. This is already enough to say that the KHL and the NHL have fundamentally different positions. In addition, differences in the size of hockey “boxes” were always presented under a special sauce.
The NHL has always favored the Canadian type of ice arena. According to many experts, it is the most convenient and optimal. And in the KHL, the players skated on the European site. And there are completely different proportions.
Both fans and experts have always been gossiping about the difference in the “boxes”. Like, this is a significant factor that affects the success of teams. But, over time, the leagues began to alternate venues and the public calmed down.

Hockey betting approach

It is obvious that the differences between the leagues have their impact on the rates. And an experienced bettor will approach the bet wisely, having previously learned the information about the clubs and the league for which he plays.
Each of the popular strategies behaves differently.

Outsiders and favorites

The favorite strategy is best used in KHL games. For a simple reason: it’s much easier to track down a stronger team there. In the NHL, clubs have the same finances and opportunities. Everyone has a chance to lead the standings. When in the KHL team inequality is sometimes very obvious.
In the NHL, yesterday’s favorites can easily fly off the top spot. It’s difficult to predict. But what incredible odds are put on outsiders. Gotta take it!



It is worth pointing out again the difference in the level of the teams.
KHL teams play quite carefully. They don’t go into foreign territory. Wary of risky moments. Moments when the blood runs cold and the whole arena is chanting team names – that’s more like the NHL.
The guys there are playing quite aggressively. They have something to fight for. And the difference in results is appropriate.
By the way, as soon as the KHL began to limit the limit of cash payments, the level of play dropped sharply.

Additional points

There are criteria that are not immediately evident, but it is impossible not to say about it.
These are the indicators that also affect bets.
Free-kicks are way more than red cards in the NHL. They play aggressively, with a temper, on emotions. Brawls, throwing on the ice, fights – without this, the NHL is not the NHL.
Shots – The site in the NHL is usually smaller. Canadian. Therefore, it is easier to throw there.
Blocked shots are the opposite. In this case, the KHL is in the lead. The NHL does not look for trouble in this case, since there are no obvious outsiders there. But in the Continental League, weak teams like to use at least some chance and lie down under flying pucks.


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