The 2021/2022 season as part of the NBA regular season turned out to be surprisingly eventful: for the past 75 years, the participating teams divided into conferences based on their location have been fighting for the championship in the most popular basketball world championship.

This year, the first match of the regular season took place on schedule, which delighted the fans greatly. The beginning of the season was far from boring: new stars have risen, conference leaders have changed in a matter of literal minutes, and 12 new participants were added to the Hall of Fame. The unpredictable nature of the game and the high speed of the events are the two main reasons for betting on basketball live.

There was also some scandalous news. LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart took an active part in the mass brawl on the field. Both basketball players received a suspension for a certain number of matches and lost a significant portion of their wages. All while Kevin Durant demanded his former club to withdraw his game number from circulation, no discussion. According to the athlete, he spent a long time and a lot of effort for the benefit of the club and deserves at least respect and recognition. As a forward, Kevin spent 9 quite successful seasons in Oklahoma, 7 of which were continued in the form of an invitation to the All-Star Game.

The Milwaukee point guard also became a participant in one interesting story. In the last match of the regular season, Jrue Holiday spent exactly 8 seconds on the playing field, after which he left for the locker room. The reason for such a short stay lies not at all in poor health or injury: the basketball player was only fulfilling the last requirement of his contract.

Additional terms of sports contracts


In big-time sports, everything is extremely simple: if a player is a prominent part of the team, provides good results, and doesn’t cause serious problems for the management, the salary will be quite decent. In addition to payments for signing a contract with a club, there are often additional conditions in the star players’ contracts. The terms are usually beneficial for both parties. In addition to salary, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, there’s a strong motivation for the player to maintain high performance and further self-improvement.
The club’s administration also doesn’t lose: the more strong athletes there are in the team, the higher its rating in the overall table gets.

Additional conditions can amount to anything. Usually, they relate to the individual performance of the player. Some get a bonus for the total number of games played on the court, others get it for successful three-point shots.

There can also be tougher requirements: to receive the status of the best defender, the MVP award, or an invitation to participate in the All-Star Game.

Sometimes there are even requirements like staying in a certain weight category throughout the season.

Less often, there are conditions around team achievements. Basketball involves playing in a team, where the general indicators are considered in the rating. Usually, the agreement concerns the obligatory achievement of the agreed goals (no lower than 3rd place in the ratings or the team’s entry into the playoffs). Of course, such a condition is more difficult to fulfil, so only experienced professionals are approached with such proposals. Salaries for club success are vastly different from individual ones.

Conditions of an agreement that have already been fulfilled by the player earlier in their career are indicated as probable. If this is the first offer or the athlete hasn’t been able to reach the required results in other seasons, an additional clause in the contract is unlikely.

Conveniently, if special clauses in the contract are not fulfilled, the player has no obligation to pay a fine or incur other financial losses. The only thing that can dampen the situation of an athlete is the absence of a similar offer next season.

8 seconds on the court brought the defender a good sum of money


Contracts for NBA athletes are an agreement between the player and the club; therefore, its details become public only with the consent of both parties. That’s why such information never appears in basketball bets. When it comes to Jrue Holiday’s terms, we know that he must appear in 67 games, play a full 2,075 minutes on the court, and shoot approximately 3.15 rebounds per game. This is the fifth season that the point guard has managed to bring the figures from paper to life.

In the last game of the regular season on April 10, 2022, the Milwaukee Bucks played against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jrue was part of the starting line-up for his team and appeared on the court at the very beginning of the game. In total, he spent exactly 8 seconds on the field, having managed to get a foul for the fight with Darius Garland. By order of the head coach, Holiday defiantly left the field.

Of course, Mike Budenholzer was aware of the need for Jrue to take part in this game and let him get the rightful bonus of $306,000. Such a trick didn’t go unnoticed; in an interview after the match, media representatives asked a number of questions about this. The head coach of Milwaukee focused on early participation in the playoffs. According to him, risking the health of a defender like Jrue Holiday before such an important game would be simply irresponsible. On the other hand, the coach is simply obliged to protect the interests of his wards.

Faking player participation solved both problems simultaneously.

There is a point to Budenholzer’s words, but not everyone perceived what happened as a normal work moment. Some fans and team members found Jrue’s behaviour cocky and offensive, while the sports media didn’t hold back either.

Holiday himself provided no explanation. His actions didn’t violate the rules of the match in any way, which means that there’s no reason to punish him. His excellent performance during the game has become the main reason for the increased attention to his achievements for a long time. Jrue excels in two positions: point guard and shooting guard.

From 2009 to 2013, the quarterback represented the Philadelphia 76ers, playing at number 17. In 2013, after the draft, he became a member of the New Orleans Pelicans team, participating in the All-Star Game as a reserve player. Holiday joined the Milwaukee Bucks in November 2020, receiving gold at the Tokyo Olympics and becoming the NBA champion in the 2020/2021 season.