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People say there is a king and queen of the ball. So, in the gambling industry, two kings with the right to claim the palm of victory are poker and Blackjack. Two games, two elements with a long history, a unique charm and many variations.

The history of blackjack


Blackjack is loved for many reasons. The most important thing is its simplicity and accessibility. The second name of the game is “twenty-one”. Blackjack cleverly combines mathematical combinations, a number of simple strategies and, of course, luck. All this contributes to the unique appeal of the game. After all, the game has French roots.

For the first time, the game of Blackjack was talked about back in the 18th century. Since then, it has changed to a certain extent. And it is this modern version that came to us from the USA. To be fair, Blackjack has not always been considered a successful invention. And nobody even talked about the mathematical approach to the game. It was only at the end of the 20th century that the players realised that it was possible to cleverly beat the dealer with the help of arithmetic moves. The popularity of “21″ broke all records; players tried to invent the wheel, coming up with simple combinations. Why, then, was the card game so appreciated?

For one, because it is simple and accessible. In fact, anyone that can count can play Blackjack.

For two, it is a genuinely mathematical game. That is, it is explained by logic, arithmetic, etc.

And three, there is a low percentage of losses.

By the way, “21″ is Napoleon Bonaparte’s favourite game. And this is not speculation; this is pure history. The French commander could spend an hour or a couple of days playing Blackjack. And when there were no worthy opponents or someone who was good at counting, Napoleon became a mentor. He taught the rules to his soldiers. Moreover, the commander was so well-versed in the game that he devised his own strategies.

So what is the point of the game?

Score 21 points or have more points than the dealer. The primary condition is that the total amount of cards in the player’s hands should not exceed 21. If the number of cards goes over the number 21, the player is eliminated. Note: it is preferable to collect the desired 21 points with a small number of cards.

And if it’s a draw? In that case, the cash bet is refunded.

How are the cards counted?

Just a few words about how the arithmetic of cards works.

For cards with numbers, the card worth is exactly as much as the number on it.

For a card with an image, you are awarded 10 points.

The Ace cards are a hit or miss, and it depends entirely on the situation – it can be either 1 or 11. In an ordinary case, the ace will bring 11 points. But if adding 11 points will get the total count to more than 21, the ace will not eliminate the player and is worth just one.

To sum up: to get the most profitable Blackjack, you only need two cards: with an image or a ten. And an ace.

Types of blackjack


If the game of “21″ was unchanging, it would not have lasted so long. Blackjack has many varieties, and today we will talk about the most popular options. Forewarned means forearmed.

The classic

The most common type of game. Let’s talk about each stage in detail.

First, the players place their bets. Then the players are dealt two cards. They look at their cards and, if necessary, take another one. After counting these cards and the second dealing, the game results are summed up.

Classic Blackjack is designed for up to 7 players. In the casino, there is always a croupier dealing the cards. In a private game, the cards are dealt with by any player who has been selected to do it.

Usually, a player places two or more bets. There are additional rules that can and should be used when necessary.

For example, if a player has a few cards with the same number of points, they can be divided into two hands. And then, they add cards to each hand separately. This technique is called split.

There is also an opportunity to place an insurance bet.

Also, don’t forget about the double, which experienced players often use – if you double the bet, you can get another card.

The American

The main difference between American Blackjack and classic one is that the winning combination will be the one that was collected on the first dealing. All players are given two cards from the very beginning. They are opened only after all those present agree to do so. And after that, the counting and prize giveaways take place.

The rest of the rules are similar, but there are a few points that you should keep in mind.

In American Blackjack, you can leave the game. If the player sees that it’s not going well and the cards do not add up to 21, they can leave the game with low losses – by giving the casino half of their bet.

In the American version, you can also split the cards, provided they are worth an equal number of points. The insurance bet is possible only in cases when the ace becomes the face card.

Six deck Blackjack

This is quite a rare but genuinely memorable phenomenon – there are six decks and 312 cards in the game. There are no jokers in such Blackjack, a dealer’s shoe is usually used for dealing the cards, and a deck of cards is divided in half.

Blackjack is great for beginners, while the pros never get bored of it – perhaps it is for this versatility that everyone loves.

Frequently asked Questions:

Insurance or insurance bet is a player’s way to ensure that the dealer has the Blackjack with two cards – for example, an ace and a “ten”.

It depends on which Blackjack you are playing. The bet can be doubled when the hand is worth 11 points. But in some cases, it is possible to double it with any amount of cards.

You can increase the bet once per hand. And note that you can only do it before the split.


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