In most cases, playing classic slot machines and video slots is not difficult even for new casino customers, not to mention experienced users. But sometimes the creators of online games of this genre overdo it with creativity (or, perhaps, just cunning), which can lead to misunderstanding and confusion. And since we are talking about gambling and real money at stake, this is unacceptable.

Transfer of winnings to the balance


On this point, one important difference in video slots should immediately be highlighted. We are talking about the presence / absence of a risky game of chances, in which the user can try to increase the accrued payout.

If there is no such round, the money is immediately transferred to the account.
If it is, the client, at the end of the spin, needs to decide whether to take part in it or take the money. This usually involves pressing one of two buttons.

Many of our readers never double up, so it can be frustrating to have to make that choice every time. Fortunately, many game makers provide an option to disable this option in the settings.

In some models of individual developers, the money won is transferred to the main account for a rather long time. In this case, if you press the button to start the next draw, the transfer will be completed instantly. Interestingly, a new spin can start automatically at the same bet.

Keep this in mind. However, in most modern models there is no such catch.

Selecting the number of lines

If the slot machine allows you to change the number of lines involved (this option is not always offered), you can do this using special elements on the panel.

The least convenient way that individual brands offer is the presence of a single button. Each click on it adds one line.

A more comfortable system involves the presence of several buttons with preset numbers (for example, 1, 5, 10, and so on).

Even more advanced systems make it possible to open a pop-up window in which you can immediately select both the lines and the bet.

The situation is simplified if you play by the maximum number of available lines. It can usually be activated by clicking on a special button (usually called Max Bet or Bet Max).

Choosing a bet in a slot

The easiest way is when the player chooses directly in monetary units the amount that he bets per round or per active line. The difference, hope you understand.

The second option is the most common. It is usually used even if it is not allowed to change the number of lines involved.

But some developers offer to bet directly on the spin. At the same time, it is not always possible to calculate what amount is accepted per line. This is how, in particular, the creators of video slots from the Thunderkick company act. It is convenient or not, decide for yourself.

There are also games in which you need to specify the bet size for two or even ten lines. This is a fairly rare approach, but you should be aware of existence so as not to get into trouble if you come across such a slot. As an example, we can recall the machine Zenia: Queen of War. It offers to indicate the amount that you will bet on ten active lines.

It seems to us that the most preferred option is the ability to select all options:

  • number of lines
  • bet per line in coins
  • and denomination of coins.

At the same time, it’s good if you can change it with any step, and not just at preset steps.

In this regard, we can truly commend the developers from Microgaming, Quickspin or IGT (the list is by no means complete). They have done everything possible so users can change bet sizes as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Autoplay mode in video slots

We will not impose on readers our opinion on whether or not to use the automatic game mode. Each of our readers may have their own reasons to use it or, conversely, to refuse it. Therefore, we will focus only on the main features of this mode.

As you can imagine, by turning it on, you will passively watch how the program starts the reels itself and calculates payouts for the formed combinations. Of course, the size of the bet will be the same as you indicated.

But many developers are not limited to the On / Off buttons and offer users a much wider range of settings. You can specify the number of spins, the conditions for termination (the start of free spins, the launch of the bonus, and so on), the limit of wins and losses, as well as other options. Of course, this approach makes the gameplay more convenient and varied.

Progressive jackpots in slot machines

Modern slot machines may have one or more progressive jackpots. These amounts are accumulated by deducting a small part of each bet made with real money. You can win it, of course, only in real mode. Moreover, many game makers do not even allow testing such models in the free version.

The draw can be made in different ways. A common option is in which you need, playing by the maximum number of coins, to collect the indicated combination on the active line (any or any one taken separately). For example, it could be a string of five Wild symbols.

It is also rare for progressive jackpots to be drawn in an extra round. In slots with accumulative amounts, you can be offered to choose random icons in the table that appears on a separate screen. By collecting the specified number of identical icons, you will receive the corresponding jackpot. In particular, many slot machines from Cryptologic and EGT operate on this principle.

Sometimes jackpots are drawn randomly without the active participation of the customer. That means, you just need to play in a certain range of bets. If the random number generator is “favorable” to you, you will become the owner of the amount to be drawn.

Lack of translation into native language


The lack of a Russian version of the video slot should not scare you away if the model suits you in other parameters. As a rule, understanding all the intricacies of the gameplay and the control panel is quite simple.

But you should not immediately bet with real money. Be sure to test the game in free mode first.
Now all decent casinos provide this option, although some models of certain game makers may not be available in this version (for example, Playtech games with progressive jackpots).

Our reviews will help novice users. It explains in detail not only all the provisions of the rules, but also the functions of the buttons and various windows presented in the interface.

RTP and volatility of the slot machine
This indicator in percentage terms means the part of the total amount of players’ bets, which the model returns in payouts over a long period. Most game makers indicate it in the help section or even directly in the paytable. And in some casinos (for example, in Europa), games with the best return are even placed in a separate group on the official website. This will help you choose the most profitable models.

Of course, when evaluating a video slot, you should specify what the return is. But often the numbers can be different even for one game. Such features have, for example, models with progressive jackpots, which are played only at the maximum bet. In other words, if you play a progressive amount, your theoretical return will be higher than for those who bet below the maximum.

Also, the return rate may depend on other indicators. For example, some brands offer games with additional bonus bets that activate advanced features.

Also, consider the level of volatility. It means how much the deviation from the expected result is in the slot. The higher the volatility, the less often the slot machine pays, but the one-time payouts can be larger.

Participation in the odds game can also affect the final score. In this round, the user, as a rule, plays on an equal footing with the house. Accordingly, the more often in such models the customer plays for doubling, the higher the return.

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