Thanks to the wide coverage of casinos in the film industry, it seems to inexperienced players that it is easy and simple to get a big win. All it takes is a dazzling smile and a bit of luck.

In fact, everything is much more complicated.

The gambling world is indeed very attractive for those who want to earn extra money. However, as in any profession, to receive a constant profit, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to get into the black.

The goal of the game is different for each client:

  • try something new;
  • unwind and relieve stress after a hard day;
  • feel the atmosphere of excitement and chat with other players;
  • get a new source of income.

The casino administration is on guard around the clock: gambling houses spend a lot of money to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Video surveillance is conducted around the clock, players who are too lucky are noted, and scammers’ actions are stopped in the bud.

In the last decade, gambling establishments have multiplied their audience with the help of online platforms. Now a mobile phone or tablet is enough for a comfortable and enjoyable game. Round-the-clock access, favourable game conditions, a huge selection of card and table games, and video slots attract millions of new customers everywhere.

For decades, people have pieced together knowledge and skills to maximize their chances of winning. For those who want to make gambling their main job, luck alone is clearly not enough.

Today, humanity has significant baggage of relevant information. There are many options in this case:

  • blogs, Internet portals, and sites dedicated to gambling;
  • streaming (online broadcast of a card game, slot machines);
  • courses, schools for learning to play poker;
  • specialized literature.

Advanced training and a new angle can significantly increase your chances of winning. A professional approach is aimed at reducing the advantage of the casino over the player.

This is exactly the case when you can get the necessary skills without risking your budget. Players with many years of experience, participants in large-scale tournaments, and former casino employees share their observations, tips, and warnings for a fee or free of charge.

Books in the list of popular sources of information are far from the last place. The authors open the curtain of secrecy and explain the principles of casino operation using understandable examples, talk about similar cases and debunk myths (all-prize roulette, Freddy’s triangle, Martingale system).

Most of the books come from foreign writers, which creates difficulties in translation and perception. We bring to your attention a list of the most relevant and high-quality literature on the topic of gambling.

Roulette: game or profession.


Yevgeny Terentyev’s book was published in 2006 and received very diverse reviews. One category of readers thanked the author for effective strategies and advice. Others directly accused Terentyev of plagiarism and unfoundedness.

The relevance of the book becomes apparent from the first pages. In it, the author paid great attention to practical aspects, including:
the operating mechanism of a roulette;
various options for playing roulette;
the nuances of the game that are typical for scammers;
violations in the work of the roulette.

The book provides a detailed description of terms such as dealer’s handwriting, visual and time tracking, and wheel addiction. This information will be a real guide for both beginners and experienced players.

Everything about roulette

John Galleon shared his personal experience through a book he wrote. It is perfect for beginner players. With its help, anyone can quickly and easily join the atmosphere of the casino.

In his literary creation, the author paid special attention to working strategies in the game of roulette. He also drew the attention of readers to the actions of the croupier, which can be used to determine their impact on the gameplay.

The book is written in a simple and understandable language, it provides a large number of details of each action of the player and the casino employee. Another significant advantage of the book is the availability of a free online version.



Lev Natanson and Dmitry Lesnoy gave their readers a real gift in the form of a specialized book titled Roulette. It was one of the first official studies in the field of gambling, roulette in particular. The book was published in 2001 but is still popular outside of Russia.

In this edition, players will be able to find all the necessary information:
the appearance of roulette, the history of creation;
basic strategies based on mathematical calculations;
the main characteristics of different types of roulette.

The big plus of the book is the combination of theoretical information with experienced cases that occurred in real casinos. Thus, the words receive weighty evidence in the form of life experience.

How to play casino for dummies

Kevin Blackwood offered his readers an unusual overview of the activities of gambling establishments. In his book, the theoretical plan of action in each situation is confirmed by a true story from the personal archive or the professional life of other players.

There are also tips for more experienced players and a description of rare strategies. Blackwood devoted an entire section to the mathematical component. He is an adherent of the rational approach and focuses on it in his work.

The reader will find in this book answers to questions such as:
financial literacy in gambling (calculation of the bet depending on the chosen strategy, the player’s experience, and the amount of the bankroll);
determining the chances of winning in various situations;
the danger of gambling addiction and self-control.

Casino. The Complete Guide to Games.


The author of this book, Belinda Levitz, offers to plunge into the world of excitement and understand the skills of etiquette from scratch. After reading the book, it will be much easier for a player without experience to adapt to unfamiliar conditions. He will no longer fall into a mess, faced with a situation incomprehensible to him.

The book talks about the emergence of gambling establishments, their development and their evolution depending on the requirements of the players. In addition, its pages contain up-to-date information about the most popular and influential gaming establishments.

Any advice, especially in gambling, needs to be questioned and considered. The proposed books have attracted the attention of eminent critics and have stood the test of time. Do not think that paper media have become a relic of the past: they have simply adapted to the modern reader.

Verified information will help new players avoid unnecessary worries and master a new activity as quickly and comfortably as possible. For professionals, the books offer an alternative solution to old problems and a fresh look at problematic situations.


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