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Football matches are always accompanied by emotional intensity and armies of fans – they are two parts of one whole.

Imagine what happens to a person who ends up in a giant arena where everything can be seen happening live. Even if you are not a fan of a game where two teams compete for dominance over a ball, the football fever will still swallow you whole. Next thing you know, you are already shouting words of encouragement from the stands. It is only in the middle of the process that you figure out who this “red” team is, who plays for whom and why that energetic footballer was just given a yellow card. Yes, football is like an illness that spreads faster than any virus. Social distancing won’t save you in this situation. You immediately join the collective cheering and are unable to resist it.

The English Premier Leagues are always loud, always under the “let’s beat the attendance record” motto. Meanwhile, the betting shops are constantly updating many sports events for football betting. The stands are overcrowded. The fight for seats begins right after a match is announced. One should always think about the tickets beforehand since buying them on game day is challenging.

Have you ever wondered how many people get together to enjoy a football match? And which stadiums bore witness to historical events?

“The Theatre of Dreams”: a full house on the “Red Devils” match?


Manchester United’s home stadium saw an all-time high rush of adrenaline and attendance on the 31st of March, 2007. For the record, Old Trafford is considered the largest stadium after the legendary Wembley, able to accommodate 76 thousand fans at once. This is precisely what it did during the game between the “Red Devils” and Blackburn – 76 098 people watched the match! It is said that the hum and noise made by thousands of spectators can be compared to the sound made by a plane. Thankfully, those who took part in the Old Trafford construction project ensured that the fans could leave the arena without the exits getting overcrowded – the stadium has hundreds of entrances and exits.
“The Theatre of Dreams” was the record holder for ten years. Who, then, “shoved” Manchester out of the way?

New Stadium – New History: How Wembley hosted “Spurs”

The 2016/17 season marked a milestone in the history of the Tottenham club. Its managers decided that it was time for the team to move on and reach new heights, including a new stadium. The Tottenham bosses saw that the “Spurs” had grown up, and time had come to make recent history.
On the 14th of May 2017, Tottenham won the last match in its home stadium against Manchester United, which ended in a 2:1 victory. After this beautiful last goodbye, the “Spurs” opened their famous playing field – the Wembley stadium.
It can be said with confidence that Mauricio Pochettino’s team had every winning card in the deck: an impressive level of play and a famous giant London arena that just got better with every match. Tottenham players were named “Premier League titans”. The club’s football players were at the height of their game and were contesting for a place in the Championship League. Everything was in its proper place: the team’s popularity and the number of attendants at their games grew exponentially.
The English Premier League of 17/18, the 9th round where Tottenham squared off against Liverpool, was proof of these facts. 80 827 spectators came to witness the standoff – about as many as there are people living in some northern Russian town: imagine that all of Khanty-Mansiysk gathered at the legendary arena. That day the EPL set its new attendance record while Tottenham rejoiced – spurred on by the wave of spectators, they left Liverpool far behind with a 4:1 score. Pochettino’s men left the field as heroes: the tributes were as loud as a small jet plane.

The Arena’s Regulars: Tottenham’s Triple Record

New records were quick to follow – only 16 tours in a single season, and Wembley once again gathered an audience of thousands.
81 798 people came to watch the “Spurs” and the “Red Devils” battle. The two English Premier League beasts came face-to-face at the legendary London arena. Once again encouraged by the viewers’ support, Tottenham showed excellent results. Christian Eriksen scored in the first few minutes of the match. There was no intrigue – the “Spurs” won, and Phil Jones’ final twist simply sealed the deal.
It sounds like a dream, but this record only lasted one tour. Once again, the “Spurs” decided to make history: the Tottenham-Arsenal match was viewed by 83 222 spectators. Pochettino’s team set new records in the English Premier League attendance three times. And all this, in just one season! It is worth mentioning that even the “Red Devils”, whose worldwide fan clubs are legendary, couldn’t dream of support on such a galactic scale.
The Tottenham football players knew full well that they couldn’t let the roaring tribunes that chanted their name and believed in their victory down. What was said was done. Mauricio’s players took over Wembley once again – Harry Kane’s goal brought the team an indisputable win.
Recently the “Spurs” opened a new stadium, but it seems that Wembley remains the keeper of the cheers from the times of those records.

Wembley: The Legendary Stadium


The size and technical equipment of this arena are said to be legendary. The most fantastic stadium in the world, a witness to some exceptional matches, was built in 2007, its budget amounting to millions of euros. This also makes Wembley one of the most expensive stadiums in the world.
Wembley has a bowl shape – this was the idea of the Foster and Partners and Populous architecture firms. The roof of the stadium opens and can move in several directions. The spectators can reach their rows of seats using an escalator if they please. It may be possible that some don’t come here for the games at all.
England is a country where football is considered a “golden” sport, so they must make a fine impression on their guests. Thanks to Wembley stadium, they do a great job in that. Tours of the stadium are organised, while the scale of its structures doesn’t fail to amaze. For example, Wembley’s perimeter is one kilometre in size.
The London giant is famous not only for its football matches – the legends of the music world also met their fans here: Michael Jackson, Elton John, Madonna, Beyonce, and Queen.
The stadium is considered England’s national heritage, and it can be said without a doubt that it lawfully deserves its title. One can only wonder how many new records Wembley will house in the future.


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