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The event that the sports community has long been waiting for will take place on Friday night. Tim Tszyu will finally enter the American arena to fight Terrell Gausha. The fight will take place in Minnesota.

The excitement among those who love to bet on MMA or simply watch the fights is quite understandable because, to become a real eminent champion, one needs to conquer America. Then the whole world will really talk about you.

This is why the son of Kostya Tszyu arrived at American lands – to win the champion title. He won’t settle for less. And it is quite possible: the athlete who will proudly stand on his feet at the end of the fight will be able to join the fight for the title of world champion.
This article will discuss what to expect, what to count on, and whom to bet on.

Tszyu: “The beginning of my era”


Australian boxer with Russian heritage is a grim combination. And when it’s also a legend’s son, it becomes clear why the sports betting is now off the scale.

No matter what anyone says, Timofei has never been treated with prejudice, despite the famous surname. It seems that being born into such a family is a great success. You are a priori obliged to be successful, become the best, and conquer the world, again and again – like the father. And this is a heavy burden. Timofei understood perfectly well that to replicate the triumph of his father, he had to work. Work hard, diligently and without self-pity. The title of champion is not inherited – it must be earned. And Tim did everything possible for this.

Experts note that Timothy’s physical shape improves from fight to fight. He does not revel in victory, does not relax, but skillfully accomplishes new achievements and moves on. Last year, Tim had a few notable successes. For example, he practically destroyed Takeshi Inoue, a Japanese boxer who was going for the title. Witnesses of the fight only shrugged their shoulders: it was powerful. How did Takeshi get out of the octagon on his feet? No one knows.

That’s Takeshi, but what about Steven Spark and Dennis Hogan? Tim Tszyu easily knocked them out a little earlier. It should be noted that both fights ended before the final round – it becomes clear that Tim Tszyu’s physical shape shouldn’t be questioned. A photo report of the Australian fighter’s last training before the fight has recently been published, and it’s possible to conclude that there is only one option: Tim will not leave without a victory.

“This is the beginning of my era! This match will only strengthen the legacy of my family, I will become a great champion,” Timofei told reporters with fervour.

Terrell Gouche

The American fighter seems to stay on the sidelines, while there are many heated discussions about Tim Tszyu. Who is Terrell Gausha? Does Tim really have every chance of an unconditional victory?

We can assure you that this is definitely not the case. Terrell Gausha can say a lot with boxing. And, by the way, the American does not even consider Tszyu, a serious opponent.

Gausha has the great skills of a true boxer and outstanding experience – both personal and professional. This includes a performance at the Olympics and an attempt to win a world title, which was almost successful. Yes, there were several unfortunate defeats, but everything was not univocal: Terrell was one step away from victory.

Terrell Gausha’s fights are like a roller coaster – you don’t know what to expect and when you will take off. It is impossible to identify any pattern: in recent matches, he won, lost and got a draw once. But all fights clearly prove that Terrell will fight to the end.

“Tim is not Kostya Tszyu”: is there hope?

While the public is arguing whether Tim can prove that he is worthy of the title of a champion and whether Terrell can remember his Olympic past, world experts and coaches are delivering their verdicts. In a recent interview, Prenice Brewer, who helps to train the American fighter, stated that Tim Tszyu resembles his father, but not as much as many would like to believe.

Prenice noted that Tim is indeed a worthy fighter. It is interesting for the opponents to fight against him; the fights are intriguing. But still, he hasn’t reached the level of the absolute legend Kostya Tszyu. Timofei moves forward and attacks with one-sided blows.

According to Brewer, the preparation of his trainee is much more advanced. If other factors – such as age, experience and other advantages – are considered, it is clear who has better chances.

Bets, predictions and first conclusions

The fight is about to begin, so it’s time to state the opinion of bookmakers and experts’ assumptions.

Of course, many are sure that Tszyu will win. The odds are for his – 1.14. But it seems that one shouldn’t disregard the American fighter.

We talked about the fact that Gausha has a great experience. In addition, Terrell had a decent amateur career. And he was great against Austin Trout. It feels like Terrell lacked motivation at times. But now he has plenty. Isn’t it a challenge to defeat the boxer who is the most talked-about boxer in the media and the son of Kostya Tszyu? Now, Gausha has to go to the decisive fight with a man who has already won the title of champion in his imagination, which is unlike his previous opponents.

Of course, Timofei also has solid reasons to win. Firstly, his goal is to make his debut in America unforgettable. To prove to those who don’t believe in him that he is an excellent athlete that should not be compared to his father all the time. Secondly, this is a truly decisive step in his career. The winner of the fight will be able to fight for the world title. Becoming an absolute record holder at 27 is something.

The live broadcast will be on the Showtime channel. Timofei thinks this is a good sign because his father’s fights were always shown on this channel.

The strongest shall win


The outcome of the most anticipated fight will be determined after 12 rounds. Of course, provided that the fight does not end ahead of schedule, which was the case with Kostya Tszyu many times. But experts are confident that it will not be possible to end this confrontation with a knockout.

Either way, the audience is in for a real treat – they will see a real struggle, where both athletes will continue fighting until the end and won’t surrender. And is there a better scenario for an MMA fight?


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