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It is no secret that any casino makes money from players. Weak players are confident that this is a kind of scam. However, professionals know that everything depends on their own skills. They think the newcomers are just draining their budget because they can’t stop. Experts advise never to go beyond the limits of their budget and not to try to take revenge immediately, in order not to worsen the current situation. Refuting the idea of deception, most establishments have an excellent image, backed by special licenses and certificates. These casinos immediately specify the share they earn. Part of it is called House Edge.

House Edge is a kind of house winnings, which is calculated from the working capital of all gambling games. In the modern world, this is quite natural, but until the 17th century, our ancestors didn’t think about profit. The prerequisites for the appearance are spelled out in the legend of the deal between the Devil and Frauns Blanc, whether it is true or not, it is up to each person to decide. However, Frank died a very rich person.

Each game has its own income


Interestingly, each game has a personal profit percentage. Because every entertainment is completely different. In some games, visitors are more lucky, and in some – less, and if things continue to be like this, the owner will obviously go broke. Next we will look at how the kind of game affects the size of the house earnings.

Everyone’s favorite blackjack, including online blackjack, has the lowest casino income. For example, during a game with 6 decks of cards, the owner of the gambling house receives only 0.5% of the winnings, and in the case of a game with 1 deck, 0.18% at all. Such indicators are designed for a battle with a real expert in their field, it is clear that a beginner can bring much more income, and an average player – 2-4%. Note that, it is extremely rare to meet experts who manage not to give any amount at all, but, on the contrary, to earn.

Now let’s talk about roulette. Cardinal changes occurred after the managers added the “0″ sector. From that moment on, the winning value was set at 2.7%. However, this is still not the most attractive type of game for ordinary people. But this is the French roulette, in which the casino takes only 1.35%. Recall that in the American version, unlike the European, 2 sectors. Accordingly, the profit is already 5.26%. In the online version, the figures will vary, as here the cost is set by the manufacturer.

Baccarat doesn’t take a lot of money from players. The amount varies from 1.24% to 1.29% depending on the number of card decks. However, with this situation, any institution is at risk of bankruptcy, so now players lose their own money and with additional bets up to 15.75%. The same situation is observed in the craps. The gaming platform earns up to 16.9% of the amount of winnings.

In video poker, everything depends on personal skills. If a person knows how to play well, he will not lose more than 1%. However, even professionals often “catch” on tricks: the opportunity to double their winnings. This often leads to a complete loss of previously earned funds. Note that, there are many video poker games on the market that have different payout systems. Consider this before starting the game, better compare a few sites and choose the most profitable for you. By the way, under certain conditions you will be able to withdraw all your money without deduction, but there are no such things in online casinos.

Betting companies also want to earn money and therefore take a small percentage of the winnings. With these funds, the organization conducts various contests, promotions, games and offers the most advantageous offers for customers. Many bettors often note that the odds are different. The experts shared that in companies with the best ratios, the percentage of earnings on customers is also higher. But as we explained above, this is better for the customers , because in such casinos even the payout speed will be much higher.

Speaking about slot machines, more than 100 years ago, thoughts about earning money from users were born here. After the first computers appeared, and special computer technology, this process was much simplified. Of course, it wasn’t without fraud. Then there were scripts with the help of which the percentage of the amount from the winnings could be adjusted independently. Surprisingly, such sites exist to this day. It is for this reason that it’s necessary to approach the process of choosing a place for games as carefully as possible.

How is this percentage of return to the owner of the gambling house calculated? As it turned out, this is a rather complicated process, because in addition to the random number generator and investments, we also need logic and other indicators.

The main thing is that the bettor doesn’t lose interest in starting the game at all. It is important to note that the return rates are calculated over a long period. This was done on purpose, so it was extremely difficult to understand the strategy of the “machine”. The owners of gambling establishments understand that if 20 people have won today and their profit is 0, then in a couple of days the number of lucky ones will decrease, but the earnings will pay off all previous expenses.

So far, the profitability of any casino is precisely slot machines. Recall once again that online platforms earn more from their players. Perhaps for this reason, real professionals come to offline casinos much more often. Although, if you are confident in your combination and have carefully studied all the nuances of the return percentage, then you can safely play without leaving your home.

Useful tips to help you save money


There are some useful tips on how to increase your winnings and reduce the return percentage. Of course, they will not be able to completely relieve you of risks, but they will minimize them as much as possible.
So, in the first stages, you need to make a lot of effort and learn to cope with your own laziness. If you understand only basic strategies, this will not make your knowledge unique. And in order to stand out, you need to constantly study the novelties of the gambling world.
You should also consider strategies and tactics to reduce the profits of institutions, but this is a rather dangerous occupation. After all, the casino security department regularly monitors the appearance of such life hacks. If you are identified, you will be banned from visiting this club, and in the online version, you will be blocked.
Note that, House Edge is a small profitable part of the establishment. Because from this amount you need to subtract a lot of expenses for salaries and much more. Creating a profitable gambling establishment is extremely difficult work, because the manager must be an outstanding marketer, player and entrepreneur.
Summing up, we advise you not to chase high odds, because they have a large percentage of return. The lower the risk, the more chances to win decent amounts of money. Good luck!


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