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Published: 23-08-22
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    The online gambling market is rich and varied. Young casinos are trying to get into the swing of things as quickly as possible, to gain customers and, preferably, a good reputation. But there’s a fear in the mind: what if it doesn’t work out? What if it doesn’t pay off? It is possible to fall back on the famous phrase “Whoever doesn’t take the risk, doesn’t drink the champagne”.
    And you can choose a «trampled path» with a full set of services inspired by «all inclusive». The second option is the White Label.

    What is White Label?


    Это самое доступное и безопасное решение для того, кто решил украсить своим проектом рынок казино.

    White Label is a kind of fairy godmother in gambling for a percentage of the profits. There is a big, trusted brand that runs the entire casino project from A to Z. Take care of all the products.

    A team of professionals works on all the nuances, from the licence to the name. A newcomer to the gambling market will be guided through the maze of the casino world by hand and advised on how to proceed in a specific situation. The conditions for such help are clear: a percentage of the young casino’s revenue.

    Philosophy White Label

    Why are such services used, and quite often? Because opening a casino is more complicated than setting up a new bakery in a bustling neighbourhood. A start-up is surrounded by a maelstrom of serious issues: a large sum to start, paperwork, understanding “where and what”. And while the inexperienced would-be casino owner struggles to cope with the avalanche of problems, a company comes along that takes care of everything.

    It turns out that the “White Label” “gives” the startup a finished product that is already fully dressed: take it and use it.

    The team deals with official documents that confirm that the casino is legal.

    Works on the gaming platform, site quality, software, bonuses and free spins, and of course the game library.

    As a result, the startup has a “packaged” project with a guarantee that everything is done according to the rules.

    Such a partnership brings pleasure “for both ours and yours”: the entrepreneur launches with a quality product and doesn’t have to worry that he might have conceded something. And the big operator reaps the rewards and gets a good percentage of the profits.

    Benefits of White Label


    In any case, there are pros and cons.  Let’s start with the positive: why does White Label attract customers so much? Who exactly should pay attention to such a service and for what?


    To open a casino on your own, you need to either be the heir of an English billionaire, or take out a loan, or have good savings. If we are talking about a young startupper, this is clearly not one of the options proposed above.

    The White Label does not require a large financial investment. The team takes care of many issues.

    Big winnings? No problem!

    Perhaps one of the most striking fears of young casino owners is: what if a customer wins a huge amount and “the treasury is still empty”? As long as the money circulation in the system is not established, big customer wins are the same investment.

    When an entrepreneur turns to the White Label team for help, this fear can be put to rest. The responsibilities in such a partnership are divided as follows: the professionals take care of the customers’ successes, i.e. their big winnings, while the entrepreneur himself oversees the promotions and bonus programmes.

    Reputation is everything

    How do customers choose a casino? Reviews and reputation. This is what drives any experienced gambling fan.

    What to do if the casino has just opened and the impression of the new project is not yet formed? Focus on customer service. Professionals know that consultation is the most important thing for players. The customer should be confident that they will always help and advise. And that’s where a beginner casino might have questions.

    The project has only just begun and has not yet had time to build up the necessary experience that customers can benefit from. With White Label, no such questions will arise.”White Label” will provide the site with professional consultants who will solve any player’s question.

    The quality of service is the main step in building a reputation.

    Legal aspects are not your task

    Tons of papers and official signatures, legal nuances and permissions of authorities – this is what will scare anyone away.

    If a casino is opened in partnership with White Label, legal headaches can be avoided. It falls on the shoulders of those who develop your project. You receive a finished product with official documentation.

    Disadvantages of White Label

    Not a big choice of options 

    You should understand at the beginning: the supplier team is fully engaged not only in the “nuisance moments”, but also in what you would probably get involved in.

    For example, the choice of game slots, the development of the website concept, the issue of payment systems. The startup owner only agrees to the proposed option. Of course, all the details are discussed with the customer, but the big brand is in charge of the parade.

    Installed settings

    Imagine that you have your own gaming platform, but you will not be able to edit and modify something to your liking. All access keys only from the supplier.

    Marketing tools

    By the way, the development team has its own scenario for promoting the product. Which, perhaps, will go against yours.

    A large operator is extremely protective of its name. Experiments, new techniques, some ideas of the customer – most likely, will be ignored.



    Despite the downsides and some additional nuances, White Label partnerships are hugely popular all over the world. To be clear, supplier brands come in all shapes and sizes. Some do limit the freedom of choice, while others emphasise an equal partnership.
    If a beginning startupper has a lot of fears, then, of course, the partner opening of a casino will solve all these issues.
    You will get a ready-made project that is guaranteed to bring you good profits and a reputation. White Label is about reliability, security and stability.
    If the customer is used to driving alone, relying only on himself, focusing on his own preferences, he is unlikely to like partnership.
    It is important to understand that if a project is created under the White Label, it means that not only problems and headaches are shared, but also benefits.
    Therefore, it is better to think carefully about which scenario for the development of an online casino is closer to you.

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