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The other day there was a match between the strongest teams. The national teams of the Czech Republic and Latvia played against each other. Before this meeting, many experts and fans were sure that the Latvian team now looks stronger than the Czech one, but does it? Find out in the article.what-saved-the-czechs

In general, the audience and real professionals initially had no doubts that the Czechs would become the winner. After all, they had everything for this: starting with the strongest squad and ending with a fighting spirit after a whole series of victories over rival teams. However, shortly before this match, rather strange things began to occur in the Czech national team.

By the way, in betting, it is not recommended to make your own forecasts without a thorough preliminary analysis. Because it happens that even such titled teams dramatically change the game’s strategy. Of course, it’s not always about strategy. Quite often, hockey teams stop showing their previous high results due to disqualification or illness of the strongest athlete. Undoubtedly, there is always a replacement, but this is hardly a player of the same high level as a player who plays in the main squad of the national team.

The main event in hockey


The Ice Hockey World Championship is a special event in the world of sports. Each team undergoes serious physical and psychological-moral training before the upcoming performances. Experts note that a lot really depends on the mood of the team and their motivation. In addition, bettors, even those who have already been trained in betting, do not always remember or even know that the results of many meetings, in most cases, depend on the venue of the matches. It is clear that the most devoted fans will go anywhere to support their favourite team, but all the same, there will naturally be many times more spectators for the host team.

So, in the match between the Czech Republic and Latvia, the first team had a number of advantages. We are talking about an experienced hockey player Kari Jalonen. Thanks to him, the Czech team managed to hold the European hockey tournaments perfectly twice. In addition to this athlete, the team now includes an outstanding goaltender from the NHL. In addition, many outstanding players decided to join the national team shortly before the start of the World Cup itself. Note that this team had no awards at all before the championship over the past ten years, which means that the players were very motivated.

However, everything did not start as confidently and smoothly as the national team had originally planned. In a game with the Swedish national team, the Czechs began to get lost at the end of the first period. Even the outstanding goalkeeper Vejmelka failed to prove himself, he lasted no more than the first 15 minutes of the game. It was only when playing in the first match with the British that the Czech national team was able to score five goals, although the game itself was still extremely uncertain and dangerous in terms of possible expulsions from the game and injuries.

Shortly before the decisive match between the Latvian team with the Czech team, as we have said above, very strange things started to happen. It all started with the loss of Dominik Simon, who is a wonderful striker. The official reason hasn’t been stated yet, but there are speculations. The fact is that Simon has a serious conflict with Philip Groneck, a strong defender of the Detroit team. Moreover, this player took absolutely all his things that were in the camp of the national team and left the camp completely.

The bad luck of the Czech Republic did not end there, it was just a beginning, one might say. And it’s all because, in the game with Austria, the Czechs lost during the regular shootouts. And in general, they were able to score only one goal during that game, which did not help the team in any way. This was a real shame, which will clearly go down in the history of Czech hockey as the most unfortunate match.

What saved the Czechs


David Pastrnak became a breath of fresh air. He currently bears the title of national star in hockey. In fact, David is a great sniper who has never let down a single team. Interesting fact, he is also an outstanding Russian sniper. During the World Championship in Denmark, Pastrnak and David Krejci found themselves on the ice almost immediately after arriving in the country.

Despite this, they greatly helped their team to defeat the Russian team. The Czech team’s head coach, Jalonen, immediately placed these players in the top three players, along with Cervenko. By the way, he, too, previously played for the Russian national team. Together with David Pastrnak, they played for the national team six years earlier but failed to get into the top three. Then, the team of the Czech Republic became the victors of the World Championship in Moscow.

The Czech team had the following squad at that time: The first strongest three hockey players included Matej Blumel, who previously played for the Dynamo team. He was the only hope of the Czechs and lived up to the expectations of the whole team. Moreover, after turning 21, Matej got into the second three hockey players. However, this did not affect the results of the team.

At the current World Cup, the top three Czech national team squad players hadn’t scored goals. Roughly speaking, the results of the entire match became clear to many at the end of the first period. Naturally, Pastrnak made a huge contribution. He gave excellent passes and scored himself. He was also helped by Elvis Merzlikins, who had previously played a very unsuccessful game. The Latvian national team is quite strong and shows good results, but it has not yet been able to deal with the pressure of the Czechs.

Very soon, we will find out whether the Czech team will be able to resist the next serious opponents and whether the national team will be able to keep its pressure at the same level. By the way, the teams have new players, and it is worth noting that. In addition to Pastrnak, the outstanding forward David Kempf, who previously played for the Toronto team, came to help the national team. He is likely to become an excellent defender and play as a third liner for now. Thus, with a 100% guarantee, the Czech team will avoid playing with Canada. Then they will have to face the teams of Finland and America. We will keep you updated on further developments. Good luck to all hockey teams!

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