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Many players still do not understand why baccarat is an elite game because the rules seem quite simple and accessible. This fact is especially surprising for beginners who are just starting their journey in the gambling world. The most acceptable betting option for each player is predictions for a specific person sitting at the gaming table, or for a banker. Why are these options considered the most profitable? Experts say that a lot here depends on mathematics, which is the basis of baccarat. Next, we will talk about all the possible betting options in this exciting game.

The best bets in baccarat


Real professional gamblers for a long time shared their opinion on what bets are considered beneficial for most players. According to their version, these are bets on the players and the banker, as we said above. The reason for this was the following figures: the casino makes a profit of 1.24% in the case of a forecast for the player and 1.06% in the bets for the casino banker. As we can see, these are very attractive indicators, because your winnings will not actually suffer.

In addition, betting on the dealer is the most profitable option for everyone. After analysing the statistical data, our experts found that the dealer wins in 46% of cases. In turn, bets on a specific person work a little less often: in 44% of cases. Also, in about 10% of games, the game results in a draw. After subtracting the tie, it turns out that the dealer wins in 51% of the games, and the casino client wins in 49% of the games.

It is also worth considering that in online baccarat and its offline version, almost all virtual platforms and classic establishments charge a certain additional commission. Thus, they increase their advantage. If the bet on the banker turned out to be winning, then most often about 5% of the amount goes to the institution. Otherwise, casinos would remain at a loss.

Why do dealers win more often?

Most players are often eager to know why, according to statistics, dealers win more often than customers of gambling establishments. Next, we will consider this situation in more detail. To do this, we must first consider the rules and nuances that will help to understand this issue.
So, if one of the participants of the gaming table receives the eighth and ninth cards along with the first card, then this is considered a special combination. It is called natural. After that, the further distribution of game cards ends. If such a situation does not arise, the distribution of cards continues. Imagine that the casino client is on the six. Then he makes an additional drawing of the third card. Especially if the player has less than five points, such a situation is possible.
The banker is most often on the seven, eight, and nine. Sometimes the dealer is completely dependent on the location of the other player’s hand. When drawing a third card, he usually receives a zero, two, or one. If the third card did not become an eight, the banker immediately becomes the owner of three points. However, the croupier can get four points. This can happen if the player’s third card is a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7. Particular attention should be paid to the loss of six and seven. In such a situation, the croupier receives six points.
As we can see, with such baccarat rules, the dealer most often draws cards. It depends on what cards the player has in his hand. Everyone knows that the dealer goes after the player. This is what gives the institution a significant advantage over all players.

Similarities between baccarat and blackjack


Now let’s consider the rules of baccarat. The experts concluded that this game is very similar to blackjack, which is also very popular among players of different ages. Undoubtedly, these two games have several similarities, including bets. For this reason, online sites and classic gambling establishments have an advantage over customers. After all, the croupier walks after the player. It turns out that the dealer may not go at all, since the player may have too many playing cards. It also happens that the player and the croupier both collect blackjack. Then almost always the win is assigned to the player.

What does the excessive number of cards influence?

In baccarat, excessive cards are not fixed in the official rules. However, sometimes this happens. Everyone involved in the game tries to score 9 points as quickly as possible. Why are there no excessive cards in baccarat? The excessive cards do not count in cards with a face value of two or three. If the player has a combination of two numbers, then most often only the latter digit of the amount is counted.
The presence or absence of extra cards in the game affects more than the superiority of the dealer. All because the croupier somehow goes after the player. As you know, regardless of the type of game, it is always better and more practical to perform actions immediately after the move of the main opponent. Then the person knows what cards the rival has now, and what should be done in this case. Therefore, gambling establishments always have an advantage over their players.
As we mentioned above, the dealer wins 51% of the time, and the player wins 49% of the time, excluding draw games. It immediately becomes clear where the advantage of the casino comes from, which is usually 1.36%. This indicator, according to experts, is reflected purely in the forecasts for a particular player. When it comes to bets on the dealer, the value decreases and amounts to 1.17%.what-does-the-excessive-number-of-cards-influence
In addition, there is another option for evaluating the coefficients, which considers draws. In this situation, it turns out that the profit of a gambling establishment during betting on clients will be 1.24%, and when betting on a banker it will only be 1.06%. In general, it is not that important which of these two calculation systems you rely on. The main thing to know is that in any case, the predictions on the croupier will always be more profitable than bets on the players. If you are just starting your journey in gambling entertainment, be sure to consider this information. It will surely help you.


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