Why am I getting spam at the casino, and how do I unsubscribe?

Published: 13-05-22
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    Billions of emails are sent out every year, and about half of them are spam. The word spam is used to describe unsolicited emails sent out in large numbers by unknown spammers. In the cyber world, some weaklings still consider spam to be the most effective marketing tool. It sounds funny, but it’s true. Similarly, some casinos still use this technique to promote their games and services.

    Spam annoys people because these emails come in bulk without anyone’s consent. It doesn’t matter if it’s a marketing message or free bonuses/spins from the casino; if it came without your consent, it’s spam.

    Difference between spam and subscription:

    Some confuse spam for email subscriptions when they subscribe to different magazines, newsletters, or websites that are supposed to send them emails. These emails aren’t spam, as you subscribed to them yourself. To get rid of these unwanted emails, you can simply unsubscribe them, whereas spam messages are sent without your consent. These emails also have an unsubscribe option, but by clicking on it you can notify spammers that your email is legitimate.

    In addition, some companies register to send spam legally. For example, the US government’s CAN-SPAM ACT is a license to send spam. Undoubtedly, this law accurately describes that spammers are allowed to send UBE (Unsolicited Bulk emails) to anyone.

    Many casinos rely on this act for their marketing, but it simply damages their reputation. In addition, this act doesn’t make sense in European and Asian countries. However, many casinos deliberately use spam mailing.

    What not to do with casino spam:

    •     Never reply if you don’t know the source.
    •   Never click ‘unsubscribe’, as this will notify them that your account is active.
    • Never read spam.
    •     Never click on any spam links.
    •     If they offer bonuses or free spins, never play the games; it could be a virus that could steal your information.

    Why do you receive spam from casinos?



    There are two conditions under which you may receive spam emails no matter if you are registered with any casino, if it’s a random promotional email sent to you or if it’s spam. Sometimes emails are sent out by the casino’s actual sponsor partners to promote new games and policies.

    If the email is from the casino you signed up with, simply login to your account, click on ‘My Account’ and use the ‘Reject’ option. If that doesn’t help, you can ban yourself from using the self-exclusion feature. A reputable casino respects your decisions. If they don’t follow the laws, they may jeopardize their license.

    Does unsubscribing from casino spam work?

    First, you should understand how spam, which is unwanted emails sent to random email addresses works. Second, they give you the option ‘TO UNSUBSCRIBE, CLICK HERE’ at the end of the email, even though you never subscribed to it.
    Now the question is, if you haven’t subscribed, how can you unsubscribe?
    The answer to this question is to NOT CLICK ON THE UNSUBSCRIPTION LINKS, which will only make matters worse. When you click on the unsubscribe link, it notifies the spammer that your email is legitimate and that you’re likely to receive more emails in the future.

    How to get rid of spam in the casino?

    You can’t completely avoid spam; however, you can make it less annoying by following these few tricks.

    Use a unique email address:

    Before registering at any casino, open your email provider (Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook) and create an email account with the casino name, such as XYZ casino (name of the casino) @ gmail.com. Then register with it at the casino. If you start receiving spam, you will know who’s to blame. Moreover, if you write reviews on casino sites, don’t publish your email, as it will be tracked by spammers.

    Contact casino customer support:

    If you receive spam emails from a casino you’ve registered with, you can contact customer support for assistance. Well-known casinos care about their reputation and will solve your problem quickly. They are well aware that if they don’t comply, it will damage their image and could cost them a fortune.

    Alternatively, you can log in to your casino account and click on the ‘Refuse’ option. You will probably no longer receive any marketing or spam emails from the casino.

    Never ignore spam. Report it to the authorities instead.

    You can also report it to affiliated casino marketing managers. In most cases, they remove your account from their mailing list.

    However, if the casino doesn’t stop, you can report it directly to the local gaming authorities. Not only will they apply sanctions, but they may also shut down their servers. A significant number of spam complaints can void their license and remove their website from the server.

    You should never have to deal with a spamming casino. Instead, you should send them a message through the authorities.

    Use the best email provider (spam filter)



    The easiest way to get rid of spam is to use a high-quality spam filter. Most email service providers integrate third-party software to lessen or fully block spam. Your email provider will take care of spam and forward your complaint to Spam.cop.net or other spam reporting bodies.
    Google and Outlook have their own spam filters. You can simply add keywords or emails to spam; they will do the rest.
    Keep in mind that casino spam exists to extort money from you. Don’t waste your time and money on spam; it could cost you a fortune.
    We recommend that you stay away from such emails. Stay safe.

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