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Sport has ceased to be just a spectacle. Every year, more and more people are willing to bet on a sports event. The intensity of emotions, strength of feelings, and events’ unpredictability have created an excellent foundation for betting activities. Betting helps to feel involved in the events on the TV screen, making like-minded people one united team.

Betting companies keep up with the times, constantly trying to provide customers with new opportunities. For example, today, you do not need to be personally present in the shop to place a bet. It is enough to install a free application on your phone or use specialised websites. You can bet on sports at any convenient time: at home on the couch, in the subway or while waiting in the queue. You only need to enter personal data once, and after that, you can safely start the game.

Most recently, arose an innovative opportunity to place a bet in live mode. Now the player will be able to appraise the situation on the field, make an informed decision, and put a bet in real-time, not just before starting a sporting event.

Double chance bets


A bet that allows the player to win with two outcomes is called a “double chance”. It is used in sports, where a draw in the regular time is possible. Bets on team sports have gained particular popularity: football, basketball, hockey. Bets are not made in sports where the winner should be determined by the tournament’s outcome (volleyball). Such a bet will win if the sporting event ends in either a victory of the selected team or a draw.

What types of double bets do bookmakers offer?

1. 1X – the bet is winning if the home team wins or draws.
2. 12 – a player will claim a prize if one of the teams wins. If there is a draw, the bet loses.
3. X2 – the bet wins if the away team wins or draws.
In the case of double bets, the benefits of parlay become most apparent. A parlay bet consists of several single bets on different sporting events, each of which is called a “leg”.

There may be several options for the game:

  • if at least one leg loses, you lose the whole parlay.
  • if at least one leg wins, and the rest end in a tie, the bet will win.
  • if all the legs end in a tie, the player will take back the sum of their original wager.

The most popular types of parlays in team sports are X2, and both teams will score, X2 and total.

Beginners often ask what the difference between the X2 bet and the zero handicap – H2 (0) is? After all, the essence of the bet is almost the same, and the odds differ dramatically! A zero handicap wins if 0 is added to the score and the team wins. If the teams draw, the bet will turn into a tie. Therefore, if the bettor is absolutely sure of the victory of the chosen team, it is better to use a zero handicap. If additional insurance is needed, it is better to put X2, albeit with a smaller odd.

Winning strategies for X2 betting


It’s great to be lucky, but you can’t beat a bookmaker without some preparation. A well-established sports betting business also has weaknesses, but the player needs to find them in advance. For example, in most cases, the odds are calculated according to an approved template, and it is possible to find some inconsistencies in it.

You shouldn’t do anything at the bookmakers without a strategy. X2 bets are more suitable for experienced bettors who can see the bigger picture of the match clearly and calculate the odds no worse than professionals, based on their own experience.
In football betting, a double chance is relevant if the outright favourite of the competition was determined before the match. In this case, a catch up strategy will work well. It is a combined bet where the wager amount is doubled after each loss. This strategy came from casino betting and is successfully used at odds of 2.0 and higher. Doubling the bet after each failure for several games in a row gives a good chance of getting your money back and also increases the possibility of making a profit. If at some stage, the bet wins, the bettor should return to the lowest, initial amount.

The benefit of this bet is the opportunity to use it in live mode. Considering the game’s nuances (time the players need to recover, substitutions, injuries, team’s motivation), there is a high possibility of making a good profit.

Hockey has its own nuances of X2 betting. In real-time, a player can bet X2 at the last minute of the match if there is a one-goal gap between the away and the home teams. In this case, the head coach will likely take the goalkeeper off the ice, adding another player to the team. With a numerical superiority, the likelihood of scoring and having to play in the overtime increases significantly. In situations like this, the coefficient is usually very tempting (more than 4). However, the risk also increases exponentially. That is why it is vital to ensure that the sixth player entered the game first and only then place your bet. But if you take too long, it becomes pointless because there are only a few seconds left until the match ends, and the live bet is always taken with a slight delay.

If a player is aware of all the information about the chosen team knows the statistics of past games and the preferences of the head coach, even such a risky move can be pretty reasonable.

Pros and cons of double chance betting

Considering the high coefficients at the X2 wager, you can get really good money. An essential condition is being well-informed, prepared and having a proven strategy.
There are many variations of these bets, each of which is focused on a specific sport: catch-up is good for football, parlays are often used in basketball, and hockey fans choose a live mode.

The double chance bet is irreversible; that is, it will either win or not. This type of betting is more of a risky gamble than a chance to earn for beginners.

If the teams have the same degree of training, the coefficient will be too low for such a bet to recoup at least the invested amount. This means that you should choose matches in advance and not bet on anything and everything.


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