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In public transport, offices and shops, it is increasingly common to see people discussing gambling or betting on sports. This is not surprising: the popularity of gambling is only gaining momentum every year.

Who plays in the casino?


There are several categories of casino players that have different goals:

  1. Those who want to get away from the routine and get vivid emotions. It was for them that gambling establishments were created. This category of players overwhelmingly chooses the most attractive and festively decorated models. But the rules of the game and the conditions for winning are sometimes overshadowed. These customers are the most coveted, as they do not adhere to game strategy and do not keep track of their finances.
  2. Professional gamblers, for whom the casino is a place of daily work. For them, the pleasure of playing and having a good time takes a back seat to the pursuit of profit. For some, gambling is an interesting hobby that generates a good income.

Others treat gambling as a real profession, requiring full commitment and fulfilment. They never rely on chance, choosing games in which the user actively participates and influences the outcome of the gaming session. Entire schools have been set up to learn how to gamble, and courses and specialist literature are available to improve skills.

  1. Scammers, bonus-hunters and others with dishonest intentions. With the advent of online casinos, the number of people who want to take advantage of welcome bonuses without further cooperation with the establishment has increased manifold. Fraudsters use other people’s documents, create several active accounts and disappear as soon as they receive their bonuses. The casino security service tirelessly fights against suspicious customers: in all the halls of land-based casinos there is round-the-clock video surveillance, security guards are on duty. Various measures are applied to suspicious accounts on online platforms, from lowering the maximum withdrawal amount to completely blocking the account.

Online casino bonus system

Almost all online gambling establishments offer a loyalty programme to their customers. It can vary considerably, so it’s a good idea to read the bonus wagering terms carefully before signing up.

New players at casinos are often offered welcome bonuses in the form of a deposit of a specified amount, free spins or lottery tickets.

Regular customers, depending on their ranking, may qualify for lucrative discounts and special offers. This often takes the form of invitations to private tournaments and raffles.

The club card further expands the list of customer options: free dinner, accumulation of bonus points to pay for facility services, discounts in the games room.

Additional multipliers in video slots also belong to the bonus system. It allows the lucky player to win several times the amount according to the usual table calculations.

If you’re not an experienced slots user, learn how to play the slots correctly from the start.

What are additional multipliers?


In order to determine the winnings of a combination, the player has to consult the video slot odds table. This rule applies to all video slots.

To add even more excitement and dynamism to the gameplay, many providers equip their models with additional multipliers. These represent the size of the multiplier on which the bonus payout calculation, rather than the classic one, will be based.

The essence of the additional multiplier is that it is activated only under certain circumstances. They are provided by the developers and described in detail in the rules of each slot machine. Let’s consider the main ways of its functions realization.

Multipliers associated with the Wild symbol

The wild symbol is also a gift to the player, as it helps to obtain the necessary combination. It can replace any other regular symbol on an active line. It is capable of expanding the entire active reel, does not change its position during the next spin and doubles the winnings.

It also has another mission: to unlock the potential of an additional multiplier. That is, the Wild will not double the amount of winnings, but will increase by a certain multiplier. Depending on the model, the multiplier can either increase or remain the same on a few wild symbols.

A great example to demonstrate this would be the Wild Chase video slot. The design of the slot machine is in the style of a robbery: the cheeky guys have appropriated the jewels and are in a hurry to take refuge in the cosy streets of Nice. Apart from the fun style, this slot is also notable for the extra multipliers associated with ‘Wild’.
The extra multiplier depends on how many icons are substituted: it varies from 2 to 5.

Additional multiplier in a winning streak

The multiplier increase feature is common in quality video slots with multiple winning spins. To trigger it, the player needs to win on several consecutive spins. More often than not, the multiplier depends on the number of successful rounds: the longer the winning line, the higher the payout.

In Robin Hood: Shifting Riches, the initial spin is paid according to the table. A win on the second spin multiplies the winning trophy by 2, on the third spin by 3. If 4 spins in a row are victorious, the player will win 5 times the usual amount.

Special free spin odds


Free spins are given to the player as bonuses from the casino or when the combination needed to trigger them. Often they double or triple the amount won. Sometimes the coefficient depends on the number of the reel, on which the combination is formed.

To further enthuse the user, sometimes the player is asked to take part in choosing the number and size of the extra multipliers. This can be an extra round, designed in the main style.

The Crazy Bot video slot offers the player the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an abandoned laboratory. The developers of NetEnt have made sure that the player will not be bored: each free spin can activate the Collapse bonus multiplier. Depending on its size, the player can expect to increase his winnings by 3, 6, 9, 12 or even 15 times.

Additional slot multipliers on a separate reel

Some developers offer their customers video slots that contain extra reels. These have only different multipliers that directly affect the final payout. If a winning combination is collected on an active line, the winnings are calculated by taking into account the additional multiplier.

“Multiplier Madness” from Playtech consists of 6 reels, one of which contains only additional odds. The sixth reel is activated before the first spin or after a bet change. The final winnings on the second consecutive spin will depend on the coefficient on this reel.


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