Basketball can be loved for many things. The action that takes place in the sports arena sparkles with dynamics and unpredictability. Basketball can be a team unity, or it can show a first-class game of only one athlete who draws the entire match.

The ABC of Basketball


There are many different reasons to bet on basketball. Drive, adrenaline, lightning-fast reactions – basketball fans never get bored. The game can change at any minute. This is not the kind of specialism that suggests a monotonous and gradual narrative.

The pictures change one by one, the basketball players try to control the ball and the situation in the arena as a whole. One can only imagine what goes on in the bookmakers’ offices at the most important tournaments.

Bettors get a great chance to experience all the unexpected manoeuvres of the sport. Every match is different. It has its own charisma, its own character and predicting the outcome is, frankly, extremely difficult not only for newcomers but also for basketball regulars.

However, the good news is that some similarities and patterns can certainly be identified. In order to bet professionally and not “at random”, the following advice should be taken into account.

The truth is: if you don’t want to lose out on a basketball bet, it is better to bet on the stats from the day’s action.

What is it?

This is the total result of all the games that have been played on one conditional day.

What do those betting on basketball need to keep in mind to make your wager a success? We’ll get to the bottom of it in today’s piece.

The nature of betting in the NBA


The association that everyone talks about and all basketball players dream about is the National Basketball Association. It seems that here every player has his own party, and everything goes like clockwork. But let’s face it, everything is not as transparent and positive as it may seem at first glance.

What points in NBA games should you pay attention to?

The home team is usually the master of the situation. It really is a tried and tested pattern: even the underdogs, who have been unable to squeeze anything meaningful out of themselves for many meetings, suddenly start to literally fly over the basketball hoop.
And when the favourites take on the home side, it’s all too obvious. The team will tear and destroy their opponents to prove they are the real leader. It’s a great excuse to make their fans happy.
Therefore, betting on the team to win at home is the most reliable option. By the way, the odds on this event are quite high. Statistically, in the NBA, those who face an away team win half, if not more, of their games. Historically, the owners of the floor have ruled the ball in basketball. And game points.
You should also keep in mind the features of a productive and ineffective quarter. Features of games in the NBA always prioritize high and fast results Therefore, it is possible to bet on the total of an ineffective quarter only when the calendar day is full of events: this is from 7 fights or more.
Besides, if you ask the question: which quarter is the most powerful in basketball, there is no straightforward answer. That’s why basketball is called so dynamic and unpredictable: the tactics themselves and the possible outcomes of the game only become clear as the game progresses. It all depends on the tournament and how the players behave in the arena.

The final twist or castling at the end

Teams in the NBA can go along for a long time and have incredible moments towards the end. There’s a thing about clubs that can play practically shoulder-to-shoulder, losing to each other by a small number of points. That’s a straight road to overtime. And this is where the fun begins: Anything can happen in overtime, so betting on a draw in basketball is very risky.

Nature of Euroleague bets


Meeting at the tournament of the Old World is a special event in basketball. There are “points” that will help you make the right bet.
The native site is really a very important factor. Seems like nonsense. Who plays where – what’s the difference, it’s a matter of professionalism. No matter how! If in the NBA players simply move around the states, then the Euroleague involves serious travel.
Teams change countries like gloves, sleep in planes and have breakfast in airports. The physical and mental state of the players has a big impact on the game. Think about how the visiting team is greeted “in a foreign land”: among the supporters almost all are for the home team. Puzzle to puzzle: and the home team easily outclasses the competition.
There is also a difference from games in the NBA. Let’s just say that in the Euroleague it is extremely rare for teams to allow an extra half. The Euroleague is more about calm and easy-going basketball. If you expect fiery endings in this tournament, I doubt it. The distribution of roles here is as follows: The favourites shine and go quick on points, while the weakest teams simply try not to lose what they already have.

The nature of betting in the VTB United League

The VTB United League shows us a very ambiguous level of basketball.
Here, the home arena is no guarantee at all that the hosts will “make” the visitors. Here, for example, if a big-name club such as CSKA comes to visit, but they don’t really care where they come to.
So it is better to focus here not on who owns the floor today, but which teams are going to meet. The formula of a strong team plus a home arena usually works with a 100% guarantee. It’s a bit of a combo.
The overall total here always breaks through – say, with a high probability. Weaker teams try to throw in as much as they can. And they have that opportunity, because the favourites change basketball players as the game progresses. The underdogs take advantage of this.


In summary, every tournament, every game, every team has a different set of qualities that influence your success in basketball. It also affects your betting.
The ABCs of basketball are not that simple, but basketball leagues can be tried to understand and laid out – then betting will be much easier.
Strong and emotional basketball is played in the NBA. The Euroleague, on the other hand, is characterized by a more “malleable” and measured nature of games.

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