It may be surprising, but there is a theory in modern betting that is very similar to a bus route. It is called “Helsinki bus Station”. Generally speaking, a newcomer is compared to a tourist who has just arrived in a new city. Supposedly they are at the bus station, waiting for an unfamiliar bus that will take them along an utterly unknown route and city streets. There are two possible outcomes: either the passenger calmly gets to the final stop or panics and leaves without reaching the main prize. Let’s describe this exciting theory in more detail.

So, imagine a person who decides to start betting. They immediately face questions such as how to choose a betting company and selection criteria, what are the odds and which types there are, etc. According to the bookmakers’ theory, that is what a new player at the bus station looks like. The selection of a match can be compared to the choice of a bus, and the first results are like the first bus stop on a long journey into the still unknown. Many get off on the first one without reaching the

If you decide to continue your ride, then move along the bus route. You should understand that you have to learn some rules and features of betting. At that point, it is better to turn to experts who give their advice to beginners in sports betting.

After studying them, you will find yourself at the second stop. At this point, some passengers will get off and won’t ride further. Usually, it is those who think that this type of activity does not fit their character. After that, players learn concepts such as value, skew, load and others. Then they make decisive sports bets, after which most of them get off the bus forever. The third stop is decisive. In general, usually, all passengers reach just the third stop. The rest get off, basically closing their account. The rest often successfully continue their way in betting; they already know the basics and have some experience.

Which bus will take you to the final stop?


Imagine that you rode three stops, so what’s next? Then each passenger chooses their further route on their own, some transfer to a new bus, and some continue their ride on the same one. Speaking of the route, we mean game strategy.
There are a large variety of routes. They are chosen separately, depending on the bettor’s character. Let’s look at some of them. If you have selected financial theory, then there are three routes you can follow.
The first strategy has a low losing probability. Such as the flat strategy, which quite experienced players follow, choosing 2-4% of the pot. The second route is designed more for medium-level passengers. For example, in the Ladde” strategy – players who follow it bet an amount equal to the previously won. The coefficients are set low, which helps get out of emotional tension. Finally, a strategy for beginner bettors. Such as the catch-up strategy, however, that one has a high risk of losing.
Now let’s talk about the teams users are betting on. After all, a lot depends on it. The favourites are usually the choice of new players. It is pretty easy to explain; it is much easier to bet on such teams. The next option is betting on outsiders. It is chosen when the first option doesn’t work. And the last option is betting on rivals. This is considered to be the most difficult one because the teams are equal in strength, and it is extremely difficult to accurately calculate the forecast.
Speaking about the types of route, that is, about the types of rates, there are at least three options. The first one is single bets, then combo (express) bets and then system type bets, which include several express bets at once.
In turn, single bets are classified into basic, statistical, combined, and other bets. The coefficients are as follows: high – from 2.2%, low – from 1.6% and medium, which range from 1.6% to 2.2%.
Of course, the type of sport you choose also plays a significant role. It is clear that betting strategies are radically different in tennis, football, and hockey. And, of course, a lot changes depending on the level of the competition itself. Championships are divided into low-ranking, popular and top championships. For example, competitions in Belarus are considered to be low-rated, World and European Championships are considered top-rated, and competitions in Russia are considered popular.

Best time for betting


When is the best time to bet, before the match or during it? If you make predictions before the game starts, then you can study the statistics and analytics very carefully. Your bets will be more thought through and most likely effective. Live bets are made without prior analysis and under the influence of emotions. But you see the real picture and can make corrections. There is also a third option, and this is a combined case when bets are made before and during the game. According to our experts’ opinion, this option is the most optimal.
So, as you understand, there are many types of strategies; that is, there are a lot of route choices: teams, bets, various financial theories, odds, and more. So what is the best choice? Let’s have a look at the example. Imagine that a player has chosen a strategy with a low losing probability, single bets, and average odds. Then decided to place bets before and during the competitions on absolutely all team variations: clear favourites and outsiders, as well as on teams of equal strength in football, hockey and tennis. Moreover, in hockey, bets are placed on the World and KHL Championships. In tennis, on the Grand Slam tournaments, and in football, on the five strongest teams; the Europa and World Leagues and the European and World Championships.
As we can see, the player chose a route for themselves. It is clear that this choice took them more than one year. For them, this is the best option that actually works.
Remember, it is impossible to ride the same bus on the same route for a long time because someday you will get tired of it, and it will stop bringing you the usual profit. You should always be ready to transfer to a new bus and keep moving. This is the only way to secure a stable income. Sometimes, a player needs to start predicting at high odds to increase earnings.
Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a long time to find the optimal strategy for yourself. In this case, do not get off the bus. Just take a short break, which will surely help you.
However, to quit betting or not is a personal choice. We are confident that your trip will be interesting, exciting and long. Of course, the road is not always flat and straight, and you should be prepared for that. Only that way you will achieve good results. Good luck!


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