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Do you constantly lose bets on totals in football? A multi-goal can be a lifesaver.

Can’t choose between over and under 2.5 goals? A bet on a multi-goal can bring profit with different totals. You just need to learn how to choose the right matches. Today we will talk about the multi-goal betting strategy and try to understand when it can be trusted.

What is multigoal


A multi-goal is a bet on the number of goals or goals scored within a given interval. It consists of two numbers: the first number denotes the minimum value for the bet to pass and the second number the maximum value.
For example, if you select multi-goal 2-4, the bet will be played if two, three or four goals are scored in the match. The result of the meeting or the number of goals of one of the teams does not affect the entry of the bet.
The multi-goal is considered an intermediate outcome between the match total and guessing the exact number of goals, as it allows for several values (most often two or three). In total betting, the number of results must have been bigger than (total over 3.5 goals) or less than (total under 4.5 pucks) a given number. When selecting a multi-goal, the player only needs to fall within the specified range.
Betting on multi-goal is not very popular, but this type of betting is available in almost all leading legal betting shops in Russia. Multigol is only relevant for low-scoring team sports, namely football and hockey.

Types of multi-goal betting on football

Let’s look at three options for betting on multi-goal football:

  1. Per half: total number of goals per half;
  2. Per match: total number of goals per match;.
  3. Per team: the number of goals by one of the teams in the whole match.

Let’s say you’ve decided to place a bet on an English Championship match between Liverpool and Chelsea. The home team of your choice will be Liverpool (team 1) and the away team will be Chelsea.

To win a multi goal bet on 2-3 one of the teams, it must score 2 or 3 times. If it scores 0, 1, 4, 5 or any other number of goals, the bet is not played. For example, you bet 1000 Rubles on Chelsea’s multi-goal 2-3 for 2.30. The bookmaker will pay out the win if the Londoners score two or three goals.

Regardless of the outcome, you will receive 2,300 rubles – both if Chelsea wins with a score of 2:0, and if they lose with a score of 3:7.

When to bet on a multi-goal, tips for using the strategy


Experienced players recommend betting on a multi-goal in case of doubt on the total of 2.5 goals. With a score of 1:1, one of the teams can score in the end and the bet on the total will not play less. If you can’t decide between total over and total under , a 2-3 multi-goal is a reasonable alternative.
There are enough teams in football that finish with two or three goals on average two out of three games. It is necessary to analyze the average performance of clubs and pay special attention to those who rarely play 0-0 or 1-0, but at the same time are not inclined to the highest performance.
Not only should the results be studied, but the playing form, motivation and line-ups of the teams should also be taken into account. The absence of the main attacker can lead to a lower total, while the disqualification of central defenders can lead to a higher total. All these factors can be analysed and a correct prediction can be made.
The strategy is not effective in all tournaments. It is advisable to bet on multi-goal in tournaments where unexpected results are less common. These are primarily the Russian championship, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, Greek and Serbian championships.
But the Premier League, the Dutch championship, and the German Bundesliga are characterized by unpredictability and high performance. It is also dangerous to bet on the lower divisions, as you will have difficulty obtaining information for analysis.

Examples of betting on multi-goal in football, how to calculate winnings

Let’s consider three examples of multi-goal betting calculation:
You bet 2,000 rubles on a 0-1 multi-goal in the first half of the football match of the English Championship “Manchester United” – “Manchester City” for odds of 1.75. If no more than one goal is scored in the first half, then the payout will be 3,500 rubles: 2,000 x 1.75. Net profit – 1500 rubles (3500 – 2000). With two or more goals, you will lose money.
You bet 500 rubles on a multi-goal 2-3 in the game of the Italian championship “Inter” – “Juventus” for a coefficient of 2.10. If two or three goals are scored in the match, the payout will be 1050 rubles: 500 x 2.10. Net profit – 550 rubles (1050 – 500). For any other outcomes (0-1 or 4+ goals), the bet will lose.
You bet 800 rubles on an individual multi-goal 3-4 of Real Madrid in the match of the championship of Spain against Celta with odds of 4.50. If by the end of the match “Real” scores three out of four times, then the payment will be 3600 rubles: 800 x 4.50. Net profit – 2800 rubles (3600 – 800). Otherwise, you will lose money.

Multi-goal betting strategy


Bet on a multi-goal 0-1 if three conditions are met:

  1. Opponents score on average less than one goal per match;
  2. The top scorers of both would not play;
  3. Weather conditions do not allow to demonstrate combinational football.

Also, the probability of poor performance becomes higher in the later stages of cup competitions. Teams will leave the competition in case of defeat, which forces them to act more carefully.

Choose a match to bet on multi-goal 2-3 according to the following criteria:

  1. The coefficient for the victory of each team doesn’t exceed 3.00.
  2. Both teams score an average of 0.8 to 1.5 goals per match;

This range is considered the most popular in multi-goal betting, so let’s take a closer look at it. Experienced players use a special strategy that repels company analysts from making mistakes when setting a line.

Matches are suitable for using the strategy, in which the odds for the total over 2.5 balls and the total under 2.5 balls are identical or close. For example, the bookmaker gives 1.92 on total over 2.5 goals and 1.88 on total under 2.5 goals. The bet is made according to the following logic: if the bookmaker’s analysts cannot determine with high accuracy whether the over 2.5 will be broken, it makes sense to bet on the number of goals 2-3.

To make a long-term profit using this strategy, the selected matches must meet two conditions:

  • The odds for total over and under 2.5 goals are approximately the same and are in the range of 1.80-2.30;
  • Odds have not loaded in one of the parties for at least a few hours. So you will understand that experienced players do not consider the original line of bookmakers a mistake, and therefore the probability of seeing two or three goals in the selected game is really high.

Betting on multi-goal 4-5 in the following cases:

  • The favorite plays with a clear outsider in his field;
  • The home favorite averages at least 2.5 goals per match;
  • Outsider is one of the three worst teams in the tournament in terms of the number of goals conceded;
  • The leaders of the favorites got into the squad for the game.

Pros and cons of multi-goal betting in football

The main advantage of a multi-goal is flexibility, because the bet can play with different outcomes. The name of the winner of the match does not matter, the main thing is to get into the selected range of goals.
The disadvantage is the high margin of the bookmaker. For example, the multi-goal 0-1 odds are lower than the total goals under 1.5, and these are the same bets. Therefore, it is difficult to go in the black at constant rates in this market, but when using strategies, your chances will increase.


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