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Mixed martial arts have been known to mankind since ancient times. The public has always demanded “bread and circuses”, and a fight between two professionals is the best way to do it. MMA as a separate sport, deserving the attention of the general public, appeared only in the early 90s.

Not much time has passed, and mixed martial arts have undergone many major changes. Initially, the performance of the fighters was regulated by a minimum number of rules, and therefore was an unreasonably cruel and bloody fight. The organisers took the wishes of the interested audience into account and MMA became increasingly restrictive: the fight was divided into fixed-rounds, fighters entered the ring in a particular weight class and the most dangerous moves were listed as banned. MMA has long gained popularity among sports betting enthusiasts. First of all, bettors are attracted by the spectacle and dynamism of the fights, which become even more important if they bring in a good income.

On the other hand, for a successful bet, the player does not need to spend a huge amount of time and analyze each participant, as in team sports. It is enough just to follow the achievements of the selected athlete and his opponent for a certain evening. Of course, MMA, like any other professional sport, has its own specifics. Tips for beginners in sports betting usually suggest choosing the most optimal sport for themselves and keeping a close eye on the current situation.

MMA fights are no exception to this rule: in order to maximize the passability of the bet, you need to have extensive information about the organization of interest and the fighter in particular. There is no useless information in betting, you just need to be able to interpret it correctly. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the proven facts of the life of the Brazilian UFC fighter Charles Oliveira, which greatly influenced his career.

Serious health problems


Charles Oliveira da Silva was born on October 17, 1989 in Brazilian city of Guaruja. The boy’s parents were working class, so there was no excess in the large family. His mother worked as a cleaner in a school, while his father ran a business in a slaughterhouse and worked part-time at a market.
Charles was interested in football from an early age and his parents supported his son’s ambition to become a professional footballer whenever possible. However, at the age of 7, the young sportsman developed severe joint pain and had to be monitored by doctors for a long time. The diagnosis was devastating: rheumatoid arthritis would forever shut Oliveira out of the world of great football.
Charles spent almost two years in hospital. The situation was so critical that he could not even get to his feet without help. For an ordinary family, the cost of medical care and medicines was prohibitive. The mother’s boss then helped pay off the accumulated debts.
When Oliveira’s health improved, he seriously thought about doing jiu-jitsu, which became a kind of replacement for his former dream. To pay for the sports sessions of the two brothers, the family collected cardboard on the streets of São Paulo.
However, the efforts of the Oliveira family did not go unnoticed. At the age of 14, he won his first competition and later became a black belt. Unbeknownst to himself, Charlis drew attention to the growing popularity of MMA, where in 2008 on the first night he won three fights in a row.
The fighter debuted in the UFC only in 2010, when 12 successful fights already appeared on his track record. Having changed the name “Charlis” to the more euphonious “Charles”, the Brazilian showed an extremely ambiguous result. Throughout his career, Charles spent 42 fights, 33 of which ended in his favor. He has 9 knockouts and 21 surrenders. The fights with his participation are so exciting and intense that almost every entry into the ring was marked with the “Performance of the Night” or “Reception of the Evening” award.
According to Charles himself, his joint problems have not bothered him for a long time. His poor eyesight, on the other hand, has not gone anywhere. For several years now Oliveira has been struggling to get a license to fight when he is examined by an ophthalmologist. Outside the ring he always wears glasses, as the fighter’s eyesight is only 50% preserved.
Oliveira himself claims that his severe myopia has no effect on his performance.His opponents are at close range and therefore no vision correction is required.He categorically refuses to use lenses, which would make his life much easier.Most of the athletic committees have nothing against it and allow the fighters to fight freely.

Active lifestyle outside the ring


To take a break from the tense atmosphere of the gym, Charles plunges headlong into horse racing. The Brazilian’s interest in horses appeared not so long ago: coach Gia Santos once took his ward to the racetrack, and Oliveira liked it. If he has the time and desire, he not only places bets, but also participates in the event. He even bought himself a fighting horse named Nelson.
Charles admits that such a hobby takes a large part of the fees, but is not going to look for a less expensive activity.
Friendship with Neymar began in 2015. Quite well-known at that time in the field of mixed martial arts, Oliveira came to visit the football player at one of the parties. From that moment on, the athletes continued to communicate. They really have a lot of common interests outside of sports. Neymar’s family welcomed Charles, especially the footballer’s father. After the fight, in which Oliveira was awarded the title of champion, he first of all shared the good news with a friend.

Created his own fund to support low-income families


Having achieved success in the professional field, Charles did not forget his childhood, full of hardships and difficulties. With fees for performances in the UFC, he can easily afford a comfortable life in any corner of the world. However, to this day, his house is not far from the place where he lived with his parents.
Oliveira does not shout about his actions at every step, he just helps: delivers food to the poor, donates part of his salary to charity, and even is the founder of a foundation to support children.


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