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The Ice Hockey World Championship never ceases to amaze. This is an event that all hockey fans have been impatiently waiting for. Frozen in front of the screens, sports fans and sports betting enthusiasts are watching the ups and downs that take place on the ice arena. This year the World Championship breaks all records in discussion: there’s a triumph after triumph and sensation after sensation.

Hockey fans did not have time to take a breather after the incredible triumph of Kazakhstan, as they were given a new reason to feel shocked. There are tons of materials on how to avoid mistakes in sports betting, but none on how to stay in the lead of the World Cup.

We’ll look closely at the events and discuss them in today’s article.

Kazakhstan’s triumph: the national team is taking action


Let us remind you that recently Kazakhstan showed the whole world that it deserves to keep its place among the leaders of the World Cup by scoring 5 goals against Italy.

Historically, neither Italy nor Kazakhstan had particularly stable results. It was a lottery that repeated every year: it was impossible to predict whether the countries would be successful in the championship or would go back to the bottom of the list again.

These teams worked in unison. Fans and experts dubbed Italy and Kazakhstan “lifters”. They alternate ups and downs so masterfully that it’s time to use the elevator.

But this year is really full of upheavals. Both “lifter” teams ended up at the World Championship and even got into the same group.

The Italians desperately wanted to revive the golden hockey, which the country of pasta and Aperol was so famous for at the end of the 20th century. Italy seemed to be going downhill all the time: hockey turned out to be completely out of place there. Kazakhstan did not lag behind the problems of its Italian friends: their team showed everything except beautiful and professional hockey. The last time Kazakhstan managed to defend itself at the World Cup was in 2005. And now!

By the way, it was a truly challenging task for the national team of Kazakhstan. Sports betting fans have been waiting for this match with particular trepidation. Hockey players went forward almost the whole game, throwing pucks into the opponent’s goal, but there was no confidence. It feels like the athletes are constantly looking around and at each other, expecting a catch. The confusion was especially noticeable after the third puck – the Italians reacted with lightning speed and responded in kind. The arena became quiet. However, Kazakhstan hockey players pulled themselves together and ended this match with dignity. Five goals against Italy – Kazakhstan will have something to talk about.

Goodbye Britain!


This World Cup turned out to be a failure, not just for Italy. The UK team suffered an unfortunate defeat and was forced to leave the elite championship.

The royal hockey players had a great chance to get into and stay in a very strong group. However, this did not happen. The Austrian team played against Britain. The British hockey players held the palm for almost the entire match, deftly manoeuvred and were quite aggressive in resisting their rivals. Not to mention Cade Neilson – he made some great passes that gave Britain a good chance. Alas, in the end, they still lost.

Some matches open up towards the end. In many articles, we have emphasized that hockey is a very unpredictable game. To show the perplexed spectators a kind of final twist that will completely turn the outcome of events is very much in the style of this game. The same happened this time. It’s like the Austrian national team suddenly understood where it is now and decided to burn bridges. And it worked! The Austrians were remembered as the players who made the most unexpected comeback in the championship.
Just imagine: until the middle of the third period, the British team confidently led with a score of 3:1. And suddenly, Austria attacked. The Austrian hockey team scored three times in a row. Well, hockey players from Mozart’s homeland have reserved a place for themselves in the next championship.

Canada vs. Denmark


Canada was a priori a leading candidate. Simply because that’s how it was historically. The World Cup began in Canada. Their victory would be the most logical of all that can be expected in this championship. But it did not happen.
The Maple Leaves team took to the ice against Denmark and lost. The Danish national team started to attack from the first minutes as if showing that they were not going to leave this arena without a victory. It was only a little more than half of the first period, and Canada was already two goals behind.

Experts note that North Americans were completely confused. They did expect such pressure from Denmark. And this is an excellent visual of what happens when a team thinks that they are going to play against a weak opponent and is confident in their victory.

The second period started off better, Canada was doing well and scored. However, this half went according to the scenario of the first. Canada could not get over its confusion and move forward, and Denmark took advantage of this.

Mutual goals marked the final of the meeting, but this did not save the situation for Canada. Denmark won Canada for the first time in history! Experts dubbed this event a Canadian shame.

Well, the founders of hockey had no right to give up so quickly.

Denmark striker Morten Poulsen could not contain his jubilation. He shared with reporters that he was insanely proud of the team. According to him, the first period went almost perfectly, and the next ones did not let them down.
Morten added that the final was not easy. You bet! There was too much at stake. However, Denmark masterfully took hold of the puck. And remained victorious.

Well, while Kazakhstan and Denmark entered the history of this championship as unsurpassed victors, Canada is trying to recover. I wonder how long will we have to wait for a rematch if the team is eliminated from the 2022 World Cup.


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