You don’t have to be a professional fan to know that basketball can be different.

Even without going into details, it is obvious that American and European basketball are opposite stories. From timing of matches to ambitions and level of players. Basketball “on the other side of the ocean” is a priori the best players, top clubs, legendary mentors. Basketball in Europe is trying to reach the level of “colleagues”, but so far – in vain.

Sports betting participants know that the differences can be seen in the approach to the game and even in the conditions themselves. The NBA takes the greatness out of it: the association’s wards and even the timing of the game. In America, the action in the arena lasts eight minutes longer. Fans of European basketball are now surprised: in fact, the game can be changed dramatically in that time! In addition, the courts in the NBA are slightly larger than in Europe.

But, obviously, the main aspect is the team. Spectacular and exciting basketball players make. America seemed to have signed a lifetime contract to supply the most outstanding basketball players.

It follows that the nature of European and American basketball is different. But how does this affect rates? Is it possible to somehow predict the outcome of events, juggling with the facts that we have found out?

We discuss this in this article.

NBA betting: highlights


Fast, dynamic, emotional – that’s about the basketball seen across the ocean. Reaction is respected here, the ability to react immediately and make quick decisions. There’s always a hunt in the NBA, whether it’s teams trying to find out who’s the best or players trying to anticipate their teammates’ next move. In the NBA, no one will raise an eyebrow at a sixth-second shot. To summarise for those who like the professional betting game: the style of betting on the NBA will be slightly different than on European basketball.

The first point that must be taken into account is the high professionalism of each of the players and the long match. There are no random basketball players in the NBA. Each of the players is like a stone statue that will never move or give way. That’s why , the indicators in the NBA are usually as follows: they throw into the playing ring 3-4 times per minute. Teams are assertive and aggressive. It is obvious that any of the basketball clubs that entered the arena can pass the mark of 100 points.

In what case can you definitely bet on a total of 100? This is an advantageous position when one of the teams is openly weaker than the other. For example, there is a certain outsider who does his job very well in this match and does not try to jump over his head and move the favorite. The coefficients in this case will be the most successful. Why? Because even in frankly losing basketball clubs, there are top players who can pull out the entire match.

In the NBA, they are used to playing until the very last second, giving all the best for 200%. A certain pattern can be traced: they like to give “heat” to the final of the game because of the strongest performers. Therefore, a three-pointer in the last minute is a matter of course. On the extreme throw, those who are sure to throw are usually put up.

European basketball betting features

Europe sees basketball differently. Here they boldly use every moment for a competent attack, they are in no hurry anywhere. The pace is quite measured, there are much fewer sudden final twists than in America. Another interesting point is that European basketball does not choose the main ones. In fact, everyone on the team can be that leader. Everything is about the same level.
In the NBA, we see a very different situation: it’s all role-playing action. Someone is acting, and someone is clearing the place. In American basketball, you can clearly understand who is the leader and who is on the standby. That is why the individual total of the leader in European basketball is unlikely to rise above thirty.
We can’t help but notice another feature. European basketball very clearly shows who is who in the standings. It becomes obvious who is the favorite and who is in a frankly weak position. And the meetings of clear leaders and open losers will be like a piece of sweet cake for many betters. The outcome of the game is quite easy to calculate. There is no such obvious gradation in the NBA.
Even if the run-up between the teams is solid and it seems that this team has no chance, it is better to remember that each club has a couple of aces in the form of famous players. And the situation in terms of points and places in the rankings can change at any time. It is better to calculate the handicap in European basketball.

Common features of European and American basketball


No matter how we try to learn different things, of course, this is one game and there are also common points here.
“I open at the end” – it seems that this phrase can be applied to both formats.
Both American and European basketball show the most beautiful and striking moments towards the end of the game.
First, the players go into a rage, gain momentum and begin to feel the court. Basketball players understand from what position it is more profitable to throw. There are more points, the game process is better.
Secondly, manoeuvrability and dynamics increase. Especially the outsiders, who realise they are frankly losing, begin to “squeeze out”. Emergency decisions are made in the arena and more attacks are coming.
Thirdly, each of the attacks occurs quickly and clearly, as if according to a scenario.
A similar moment can be observed in overtime. American and European basketball can purchase an additional and precious 5 minutes of play. The style of the match changes in both cases. Overtime is a crucial period both overseas and in Europe. Therefore, the extra time is treated like a crystal vase: very carefully and smoothly, so as not to spoil the overall picture in any way.
Based on all the information, we can conclude that basketball in America and Europe live according to different scenarios. Each format has advantages and disadvantages. In betting, it is better to keep track of those championships that are more to your liking in order to turn betting into a pleasant pastime.


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