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The history of a small and modest club that will live for a very long time. Football is not only about crazy races, competition and the desire to “go over the heads”. Freiburg shows by example that it is not necessary to rush headlong to the goal: you can go carefully and achieve more than you planned.

The Schwarzwalders failed to take fourth place and register for the Champions League. But the guys are not at all discouraged: other horizons await them, more accessible, but no less successful.

After the epic end of the German championship, one of Freiburg’s most successful players was called for an interview. Nils Petersen tried to explain in a few words what he feels. His phrase “we squeezed everything out of this season” perfectly describes the situation. Tips for successful bets are also based on this principle: to get the most out of the process.

The small team was able to do the impossible: make a name for themselves on the European arena. Even though the club missed out on a chance to clinch a coveted fourth place in the championship, their spirit and fighting spirit can be envied.

“Champions League? Next time!”


Freiburg failed to book a place in the Champions League. But it seems that these guys still managed to win the love of the public.
Despite not the most favorable outcome, the coaching staff and the players were in excellent spirits. Fans applauded while standing, shouting out words of support. The players waved their hands to the beat. It seemed that Freiburg was just maintaining the atmosphere for the fans. But no – the players are really satisfied with their work.
According to midfielder Vincezo Grifo, the team has other priorities. After all, not everyone dreams of a coveted place in the sun in the Champions League. Grifo summarized that the team had an amazing season. And next year they are waiting for the Europa League. “How can you be sad or upset if a local team “ignites” the Europa League?!” Vincenzo wondered.
This is true: the team did not have time for gossip and crushing thoughts about the last game. There was true intrigue and the main event ahead. The team was waiting for a meeting with Leipzig in Berlin. Chamber club with a claim to the Cup – who else can boast of such? By the way, this is the first time the team has been announced to take part in such a grandiose tournament. Now the German Cup is a dream for all players without exception.

Philosophy of Freiburg


Football is always associated with famous clubs. Memory slips games with the participation of Real Madrid, Liverpool, but not with chamber teams from the provinces. We know perfectly well how big clubs live: ambitions and results. They have their own “party policy”, their own pace, in which there is no place for contemplation, thoughts, and even just life. Players of elite clubs run their own trajectory, live from training to training, busy with multimillion-dollar transfers and dreams of the Golden Ball. But what if there are teams that do not dream of huge sums?

Local teams are a different perception of the sport, which is exactly familiar to fans of football betting. After interviews with the leading players of Freiburg, it became clear why the club is so sincere and truly happy even with small victories. The team is steeped in calm, simple and “down-to-earth goals”. The Freiburg players believe that it is not necessary to jump a flight of stairs – it is better to climb the ladder gradually. Step by step, victory by victory. Small fortunes are replaced by big and solid Cups.

Freiburg’s DNA is amazing. The team is called a “phenomenon” – so smoothly and gradually the players go to their goal. After talking with the guys from the club, some fans suspected them of a well-coordinated advertising campaign. Sounds like a well-crafted marketing plan indeed. No competition, no showdown after the failure with Bayer: as if it should be so. But for some clubs, “flying” past the Champions League would be equated to a terrible drama – Shakespeare would envy.

However, Jochen Seyer only smiled and shrugged his shoulders: “This is how we exist – this is our reality. No plans, no concepts, no planned actions. We are like this – simple guys who quietly and calmly conquer this football world.

But the words of Jochen can definitely be trusted: recently it has been 20 years since he first crossed the “threshold” of the club. Rather, it was Zayer himself who stood at the origins of such a philosophy. As if to confirm this, Jochen mentioned that the club concept is a stubborn thing, and just does not arise. “It is a great happiness to be among this, to create, support and change along with the history of the club,” concluded the legendary player.

Team for the people


Perhaps the Freiburg mentality is based on the fact that the club is a people’s team. Each of the club’s players are not just members of the team. They are heroes for their people, whom they support, vote for and “stand up for”.
This is really interesting: Freiburg fans have the right to influence the most momentous moments for their favourite team. More than 30,000 fans are involved in all kinds of things for the team. Just imagine: any, even a small victory for Freiburg equates to a national treasure and a victory for all.
Of course, there are supporters and opponents of every approach to running a club. Those who are dissatisfied with this state of affairs turn to the coaching staff with questions: why such difficulties? However, the ‘top’ of the club are prepared to take various risks and do not change their position: they are in the firm belief that the team will make it.
Is there really such a thing in football? Where it is believed that victories and defeats cannot belong only to a select few. Where Cups and “fly-outs” past Championships are shared equally between everyone and experienced equally. And it’s not just about team members, but also thousands of fans.
“Football is not property. It can be for anyone and everyone, you know?” – The Freiburg managers declare wholeheartedly.
It becomes clear why the team is ready to be carried in the truest sense of the word. Its “popularity” and accessibility captivate even the most categorical skeptic.
A small club with huge potential believes that their cheerleading team and culture is worth much more than golden trophies.


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