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Many know that the match outcome depends on a number of factors: the absence or presence of strong players, the team schedule, the place and time of the game itself, and even weather conditions. Why weather, you ask? As a matter of fact, the match outcome can really change depending on weather conditions. For example, a strong wind can prevent players from running fast, while a scorching sun will certainly worsen the players’ physical condition. However, weather conditions aren’t the most important factor influencing the outcome of the games.

The most important factor is motivation. Its presence helps football players to strive to win. On the contrary, if they’re lacking in motivation, the athletes will go with the flow and won’t resist their opponents at all.

Of course, this fact must be taken into account before betting on sports. Experts identify several criteria at once that affect the results of the games. However, correctly determining its basis or presence, in general, isn’t an easy task. Experienced coaches will always find a way to motivate players. So, let’s discuss different types of motivation.

How the football players’ fight affects the winnings of betters?


The first type of team motivation is associated with the fundamental results of the game, or a derby. For example, the teams are rivals who have long wanted to prove to themselves and the fans that they’re the ones worthy of the championship title. Often betting companies artificially create such tension around the teams. In such cases, it’s really difficult to determine the favourite before the start of the game itself, but if you go through some training in sports betting, that is, study the available literature, statistics and articles, this task gets much easier.

In addition, there are teams with constant rivalry amongst them, which has already gone down in history. For example, football clubs Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. Many fans and experts call their matches a real war because the fight takes place both on the playing field and in the stands. Evaluating their matches is also extremely difficult. Indeed, the referees had to issue 4 red and 30 yellow cards to the players for repeatedly violating the rules of football in just five games. And the last match was completely different from all the previous ones since the fight began after the end of the game. Note that in such meetings, according to statistics, bets on the final number of removals of players and the issuance of yellow cards work best.

Hockey also has a similar example: the Vityaz and Avangard teams. At the end of one of the matches, the athletes still had an unresolved conflict, which later moved on to their next meeting. Spectators and professionals immediately understood that the game would be extremely tense. Many bet on penalty minutes, but no one guessed the exact number because there was a serious fight between the hockey players, which led to 637 penalty minutes. By the way, to this day, these teams have a very tense relationship.

The next type of motivation in sports is the increased interest of a strong team. For example, in the 2018/2019 season in England, the Manchester City team fought with the Liverpool team, trying to catch up with them in the tournament line in any way possible. For this reason, Manchester City players didn’t give any team a chance to win or were able to achieve their goal.

In such cases, betting on a negative handicap will work perfectly, because athletes immediately want to take over the game without any worries and intrigues. It’s easier for players to immediately make a few goals straightaway than to put it off until later. Notably, the classic victory is estimated by betting companies with extremely low odds.

The third kind of team motivation is the opposite of the previous one when a weak team wants to avoid relegation and holds on to the tournament bracket with all its might. For example, consider the Lille team. In 2018, 4 matches before the end of the tournament, the athletes were in the penultimate place. Morally, the players were ready to move to the lower division. Nevertheless, the players got it together and won 3 matches out of four. As a result, Lille stayed in the French First League.

Such forecasts and layouts are difficult to imagine in other sports. In football, the relegation of teams takes place according to the sports principle when they don’t do so in basketball or hockey. When it comes to football, pay attention to such games, as betting companies always rate them with very high odds.

No motivation, but there are coefficients


The last type of motivation is its absence, which can also happen. For example, when the team has already reached the playoffs, the winner has already been determined, or, on the contrary, the players won’t be able to change anything in one game anyways. Then the coaching staff usually tries out new players, changes lineups, and conducts all sorts of experiments with the team. Clearly, the football club won’t waste its strength in vain, because it doesn’t need good performance. Often teams look weak, disjointed, and may even lose to the weakest team.
For example, in hockey in 2015-2016, CSKA has already managed to secure a victory approximately in the middle of the tournament. For this reason, the team didn’t waste their strength and were calm during the last three matches. As a result, hockey players lost these three matches, two of which were home matches. However, the fans understood everything and were almost content with what they saw. Note that the odds on the winnings of their rivals were extremely high.
Summing up, before making your predictions for certain matches, always study statistics to understand what type of motivation the team you bet on now has. Analyse all the information and data because any little thing can affect a particular game. The best solution is to stick to the first option of motivating athletes when it really matters to them how the game ends. Experts also believe that this option is optimal from the point of view of all parties, especially if many people know about the conflict between the teams. Then betting companies will significantly increase the odds on bets on the total number of red and yellow cards. Good luck!


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