Every year, bets on common sports are becoming more and more popular, especially those with quite stable indicators. They are found in virtually every game. In turn, in tennis, fans love to make their predictions for repeated mistakes, aces, and breaks.

Betting companies often make mistakes in their odds. This can be easily verified. To do this, select about 15 athletes and start tracking their performance. Pay attention to their game performance and you will notice that sometimes companies create the perfect betting option outside of time management. Next, we will take a closer look at things bettors should pay attention to.

What are aces?


So, let’s start by looking at aces. Pay attention to the accuracy and speed of serving, as well as to the surface of the tennis court. Note that you need to track at least 10 players. Speaking about the speed and degree of flight of the ball, literally everything depends on it. Most often, it is the grass that provides the most high-speed rebound. But the ground, on the contrary, slows it down. Experienced bettors know this, so they hope for the grass much more often than the ground.

Differences between women’s and men’s serves

It is also worth considering that men develop a fairly high speed of the ball. In turn, for women, this is of particular importance due to different strengths. Not all tennis players can easily send the ball to another planet, so the number of possible aces here is significantly different from the men’s competition.

And finally, the possible volume of subsequent aces also depends on the accuracy of your throws. In general, this indicator means the total number of effective throws that were made on the first attempt. Most often, tennis players still prefer power over accuracy. However, there are exceptions everywhere.

So, regardless of whether you are betting on sports at night or not, you must consider the above characteristics. Otherwise, luck is clearly not on your side. Sometimes the competition takes place on the grass, and the tennis player himself is not able to take very accurate and strong throws, even those made by young players. In this case, you can safely bet on the total amount of leader’s aces.

Tips for successful tennis break betting


Now let’s talk about breaks. These are situations when the player begins to lead from the moment the ball is served. Clearly, it is far from the easiest to predict the possible number of breaks in advance, but if this is accompanied by some special conditions, then it becomes much easier and faster to accomplish.
We are talking about such factors as, again, the speed and accuracy of the throws, as well as the difference in the level of play with their opponents. For example, the weight of the players. It often happens that even at top competitions, not all athletes look the same, some are much more powerful than others. However, this does not mean at all that a larger tennis player will become the leader in breaks completed per game.
Here, the following data should already be taken into account. If two equally powerful players met on the court, then most likely they will complete a very small number of breaks, which means that total bets will work less in your favour. But if women without a strong blow fight, then, on the contrary, you can safely bet more on the total. If the match takes place between a clearly defined leader with a weak throw and only a beginner, then you can make predictions for a negative handicap of the leader. These options are really the best.

Double faults ruin sports careers

And finally, let’s talk about double fault predictions. Here, luck will be on the side of the bettor if they conduct a thorough and high-quality analysis since luck alone will not be enough here. For successful bets, you need to track past games of several tournaments and identify typical player mistakes. Next, we will explore this with an example.
We will consider the performance of the tennis player from Belarus called Arina Sobolenko, who at that time was in the top ten. The main reason for the girl’s failures was double faults.
While performing for the national team at the World Cup, Sobolenko made 15 such mistakes in a meeting with Stosur, and 8 in a game with Barty. In sunny Spain, in a match with Kuznetsova, Arina made 16 double mistakes in total, while her opponent was able to do without a single mistake. Many experts said that Sobolenko had serious problems associated with professional burnout. All this led to a decline in the accuracy of ball throws.
In Italy, Arina again could not do without errors. This time there were 12 of them, and her opponent had only 4 errors. As we can see, in this case, your bets would have been exactly effective.
In such a situation, a lot really depends on the emotional state of the athlete. If the tennis player has already faced psychological problems and fallen into a real crisis, then they obviously will not be able to win any further matches. This allows more and more unfortunate double faults. Nowadays there are already three methods of getting out of this terrible state.double-faults-ruin-sports-careers
Firstly, absolutely every player has the right to take a break for any period of time. Secondly, you can move to lower-level tournaments for some time. Thus, the tennis player will be able to regain confidence in their abilities, as well as get out of the emotional crisis. Thirdly, sometimes the cause of depression lies simply in the court surface that is not suitable for this athlete. In this case, the optimal solution will be the usual expectation of new competitions with other surfaces.
As for betting tips, if the player is in a prolonged crisis and makes a lot of mistakes and the next tournament obviously does not improve the situation, then you can bet on a negative handicap of double mistakes. Also, the best solution will be predictions for a personal total.
Summing up, it is worth saying that first of all, tennis is an extremely unpredictable sport. For this reason, betting on him is the easiest thing to do. However, if you conduct a thorough and qualitative analysis, everything becomes much clearer. Experts recommend not being lazy and just doing it. Only then will your forecasts finally begin to show the expected results. Good luck!


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