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It is said that in any sport, the composition of the team is only half the battle. So many puzzles must fit together for the club to achieve success. But Golden State is definitely a story about people. About those who met at the right time and could do the impossible together.

Golden State Warriors are the new NBA champions


Until recently, the Warriors were the participants of the basketball diaspora, which had long been given up on. No one believed they could get back up. A few years ago, the guys from Golden State were in last place in the league’s standings.

What do we see today? The club is totally one of the reasons to bet on basketball! The team snatched a well-deserved victory and became the absolute champion! All Western media unanimously says this is a victory for the whole team. There is not a single unnecessary player in the club who just came to work their contract time. All the athletes were included in the process, worked hard, stayed motivated every minute, and did everything for the former outsider club to win the championship.

It looked like the Warriors’ coach played chess and created the best game. All basketball players, like pawns, were placed in the correct sequence.

One way or another, every team has players who completely lose themselves in the competition because of how dedicated they are. Let’s look at the Golden State players who would definitely not leave the basketball arena without a championship title.

Steph Curry is the undisputed leader

Curry was recognized as the real triumph of this season. The player seemed to act according to a certain scenario: his steps were so thought-out.

Steph produced stunning statistics, speed, and reaction! The basketball player’s efforts were appreciated according to their merits: Curry was awarded the MVP award. By the way, this is the only player in the NBA who showed such a crazy performance, and basketball betting fans truly appreciated it. The entire judging team agreed unanimously: this is the champion who deserved all the awards.

Stephen pushed himself to the limit, but it was worth it. By the way, almost no one believed in such a crazy breakthrough of the basketball player in the final: there were too many “buts”. This was the case when neither external factors, the team’s collapse, nor the physical condition prevented the impossible from happening.

Curry really had a lot of reasons to break down. Endless injuries led him to the hospital rooms. The doctors said Steph’s career was in the balance. After this, there was a long rehabilitation and missing out on important matches. Difficult relations within the team and change of coach. Considering all these factors, how can we talk about a champion’s spirit?

The coach, Steve Kerr, told reporters that Curry is the star of this final. According to the satisfied leader, each player had a hand in this success. But Stephen truly deserves a separate mention.

Klay Thompson: hello again


Of course, the media and the team members honour Curry as a key figure in this match. However, Thompson jumped over his own head. Any health problem is a tragedy for eminent athletes.

It is impossible to predict how you will be able to return after an operation. Klay Thompson constantly attracted trouble. Serious injuries, like bad luck, pursued the basketball player. Steve Kerr admitted that he was very worried about Thompson: after such injuries, as a rule, you can safely forget about a basketball player’s career in the NBA.

For this reason, none of the rivals expected something extraordinary from Thompson. And some did not expect to see him at all during this season. But faith is the strength of the Warriors. A belief in oneself, the coach and in each other. The team knew that Thompson would definitely recover. And Kerr, despite all the excitement, did not even think about replacing the “weak” injured player. The long wait has paid off: Klay is back and in amazing shape!

The team believed in the impossible – and it happened.

From bad boy to league star. Andrew Wiggins

Golden State skillfully gathers motley basketball players and moulds them into one.
Wiggins joined the team with an unpleasant background. The writers of the foreign media unanimously nicknamed him “a basketball player in stagnation.” Andrew lazily stomped around in one place and did not show his skills at all. He seemed to be among those athletes who just entered the arena because they had to. But as it turned out, Wiggins was simply in the wrong hands.

After the arrival of Golden State, this player seemed to have found himself. Amazing passes, great three-pointers, great reactions. Wiggins proved an excellent defender and became a well-deserved star this season.

Steve Kerr: the head of “chess”

The ode to the coach can be sung endlessly. A player can be in great shape and master the ball. But without a good mentor, his talent is doomed.

Athletes come to the team raw. And only a coach can make diamonds out of them.
Golden State is incredibly lucky. Kerr’s wisdom and experience have brought the club to where we see them today.

Steve’s talent to see even in a nondescript player, as in the case of Andrew Wiggins, a real star and a future pro, simply beats all records.

The coach understands well that one is not born into being a champion. And he is perfectly aware of the main task of the coach: to teach, show, and help to reach perfection.steve-kerr-the-head-of-chess

When Kerr came to the Warriors, he did not change everything the way he thought best. He firmly decided to work with what he had. And he did it! Steve cared about each player and tried to see something special in them.

Under Steve’s leadership, the Golden State has achieved incredible results. The players had 22 series in the playoffs! This is an incredible result in the history of the NBA!

Kerr proved by his example that behind any eminent player is his mentor.
Fans see only the outside – a well-coordinated team. And the very core – the coach – is always unfairly in the shadows. Golden State perfectly showed how important the leader who will lead the team to success is.

The Steve Kerr phenomenon has not gone unnoticed. He is not an invisible coach but the most talked about person in this league.


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