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The other day was an important event for basketball fans: the National Basketball Association regular season ended on 10 April. Each of the participating teams played 82 games on the court, matching the announced schedule.

Some of the clubs will not appear on the radar until the autumn. Their more fortunate opponents have had a chance to claim the title this season. The first game of the play-in series is already expected on 12 April. From April 16 to June 23, fans can watch the intrigue and unexpected twists and turns of the playoffs.

It is in the closing stages of the season that basketball betting reaches its peak of popularity. Here bettors’ opinions differ: some shy away from basketball, believing it to be unpredictable and difficult to bet successfully with a bookmaker. But there is a category of players who have developed an optimal gaming strategy for themselves and prefer only this sport.

Everyone’s reasons for betting on basketball are different. There are professional players for whom betting is a real skill that requires attention and time. Fans make bets on basketball matches with their favorite team to get even more pleasure from watching the match. And there are beginners who are just looking for their way in betting, trying different sports.

Every playing season is full of unexpected upsets, embarrassing defeats, unpredictable transitions and personal achievements. What marked the 2021/2022 season among the rest?

Team successes and achievements


This season was the most successful for the Phoenix Suns in the last 28 years. Despite the difficulties on the way to victory, the Arizona team was firmly entrenched at No. 1 in the Western Conference standings. March 10, “Phoenix” won the away match with the “Miami Heat” and knocked out a guaranteed ticket to the playoffs. They were the first to do it. Devin Booker, the team’s star defender, made a timely return. In his first post-quarantine match, Devin brought the club 23 points and completed 9 assists.
“The Phoenix didn’t just make the play-offs in style. The 64 wins in the season was a new and historic achievement for the team. In his press conference, Sanz coach Monty Williams emphasised the talent and hard work of his guys. He sincerely thanked his guys for their excellent play and wished them good luck for the upcoming play-off series.
However, already on April 11, the guys were defeated in a confrontation with the Sacramento Kings with a score of 109-116. It’s too early to relax, for the first time in 28 years, the title is at stake.

Individual player achievements

Basketball is a team sport, but when considering the performance of the whole team, the main component is to analyse the performance of each individual player. That is why individual performance betting is so common in basketball betting. Stephen Curry once again marked another record. The point guard ended last year with 2,974 successful 3-pointers during his NBA career. Less than 2 weeks later, he was delighting his fans with another achievement: 3,000 long-range shots. Stephen became the first player in the NBA to score so well.

Against this backdrop, rumours of Curry’s possible absence for the opening game against Denver sound even more discouraging. A sprained ankle in the game against the Boston Celtics is still making itself felt, preventing the player from reaching his full potential.

In March, James LeBron added to the list of his own titles, taking second place in the ranking of the league’s most productive basketball players. For James, this is a completely expected and predictable turn of events. But that’s not all: The Los Angeles Lakers forward became the first player in league history to score 30,000 points, contribute 10,000 assists and grab 10,000 rebounds. Now that is someone worthy of recognition and respect.

One cannot ignore the success of the San Antonio head coach, who has rightly been honoured as “the winningest coach”. Greg Popovic has been the club’s permanent coach since 1996. Under his careful guidance, the San Antonio Spurs won in five seasons. At 73, he remains a model of professionalism and courage for his colleagues and teammates.

Big loss of the season


The Los Angeles Lakers have not been off the front pages of sports news this year. However, it wasn’t because of their incredible success. The Lakers failed to make the playoffs for the first time since 2019. Six defeats in a row did not help the club’s overall ranking. And the last game against Phoenix was the closing game in an unlucky streak, as the Arizona club took a 121-110 lead with the final score. In the 2021/2022 season Los Angeles managed to win 33 games, with another 49 ending in defeat. Ranked 11th in the conference, the team is eliminated from the final series.
It is fair to say that the team has rarely been on the court as a full squad this year: the season has been unusually injury prone. Anthony Davies and James LeBron, the star players in the main squad, were out for long stretches due to injury. And the training sessions were held sparingly due to the rehabilitation of athletes. However, these circumstances did not affect the club administration’s decision to reform both the coaching staff and the players.
Another anti-record in the league belongs to the Oklahoma City Thunder. On December 2, 2021, the guys suffered a crushing loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. The match ended with a score of 152:79. For objective reasons, the Thunder did not play their best squad, which is a poor excuse for such a score. As a result, the Grizzlies finished in 2nd place in the Western Conference. “Oklahoma City had to settle for second place from the end of the list: the guys won 24 meetings and lost 58 games.


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