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The main hockey event of the 2022 World Championship is getting closer to the end. Soon we will know who the world leader is. In the meantime, we are waiting for a lot of exciting games. A total of only six matches separate the players from the decisive match. Shortly, the final arrangement of the strongest teams in groups will finally become known.

It became clear who exactly will no longer be able to play in this World Cup. The Italian team was unable to defeat the Kazakhstan national team. This match ended with a devastating score of 2:5. Italy’s head coach Greg Ireland has yet to comment on the situation. As we already know, his team was able to earn only one point over the championship. Italy was in the final eighth place in their group, and, accordingly, the team was forced to leave the 2022 World Cup.

With regards to game group B, the UK team turned out to be the weakest of all. They lost 2 goals to the Austrian team. Like the Italian team, they only scored one point. Fans are now extremely puzzled because they have to bet outside of time management on teams from other countries.

What’s going on in group A now?


Next, let’s take a closer look at group A. In fact, only the battle for the first line was easy. We’re talking about the Swiss team. It is the only team that has not lost points so far and, accordingly, has not lost in any match. However, hockey players from Germany remain their closest competitors. They, in turn, are behind the current leaders in Group A by only three points. Therefore, the German national team still has every chance to fight for prizes. Experts recommend considering that some matches will take place quite late. For this reason, you should study the features of sports betting at night. Thanks to this, you will avoid common mistakes and save money.

The Canadian team, due to its excellent victory over the Slovakian team, will obviously not fall lower than the fourth line of the ranking no matter what. By the way, the score for that match was 5:1. If considering the three strong teams of Denmark, Slovakia, and Canada, then Denmark will not have a point difference of more than three. But Slovakia is not in the best situation, because they can still lose four points at once. By the way, it is still possible that these teams can score the same number of points. In this case, to determine the participants in the playoffs, the organizers will have to calculate the difference in the number of goals scored.

However, most likely, the following forecast of experienced experts will come true. Canadians are now very upset because of two defeats in a row, but at the same time, good psychologists are working with them. For this reason, Canadian hockey players will not be defeated, but on the contrary, they will be very motivated to win. So, Canada is unlikely to miss the opportunity to win over the French team. In this scenario, the fight for the bronze medal will take place between the teams of Denmark and Slovakia. They really deserve it.

Predictions for the results of matches in group B


It is also worth studying the situation that is currently taking place in the game group B more carefully. Even though Latvia can get ahead of the US team, spectators and experts are sure that this will not happen. Indeed, the Latvian national team is strong and shows good results in this World Cup, but it simply lacks a couple of strong players to defeat the American team. This scenario is also possible if the American hockey players lose to Norway, and the Latvian team itself wins a match with the Swedes. This is a very improbable course of events, but let’s not rush things. In addition, both games must end exclusively in regular time.
With regards to the US team, they can’t rise above the fourth line no matter what. All because they recently lost to the Czech hockey players, who are now at the peak of their physical fitness. According to existing forecasts, the Finnish national team will most likely be in the first place in this group. To do this, you only need to defeat very strong Czech hockey players on a regular time. Many are sure that they will succeed. Even if the Czech Republic can win, it will still not rise above the second line.
According to the rules of the World Championship, at this stage, game groups A and B begin to meet each other. There is no draw here, but there is a scheme for holding these games that is already familiar to many. So, the leading team of group A meets with the team of group B which occupies the fourth line of the rating. In turn, the team in group A, located in fourth place, plays a game with the leading team in group B, respectively. The second team of group A meets with players who are on the third line of group B. Accordingly, the second team of group B plays with the third team of group A.

We reveal all the intrigues


As mentioned above, the final version of the arrangement of the strongest teams in groups will be determined very soon. We decided not to keep you in the dark. Therefore, let’s look at the results of the last decisive games and check whether the predictions of experts came true.
So, Switzerland defeated Germany with a score of 4:3. This was quite predictable. Latvia lost to Sweden, the Swedes, in turn, made one accurate throw. The Slovakian national team literally defeated the Danish team, the match ended with a score of 7:1. The USA scored 2 goals more than Norway. Canada, like Slovakia, defeated France with a score of 7:1. The meeting between Finland and the Czech Republic ended with the victory of the Finnish team with a score of 3:1. Now it remains only to wait for the decisive matches, and we will find out the final three leaders of this World Cup 2022. Good luck to all teams!


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