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Users try different ways to win at the casino. One of it is to bet the chips on red and black in online roulette. This approach allows the bankroll to be used with minimal risk over an extended period of time. Many strategies are based on this principle.

The essence of the red and black strategy


When playing roulette for the first time, many beginners are tempted to bet a large portion of their bankroll on a single number. The high odds give the misleading impression that a big prize is close at hand. The odds of the ball stopping on the selected sector of the wheel are low. Experienced users know that roulette bets differ both in terms of multipliers and odds of winning. Let’s take the European variety as an example. If the probability of a number falling out is 2.70%, then it increases to 48.65% for the colour of the sector.

Values can vary because of the variance and the specifics of a particular game.

In the American version, the figure drops to 47.37% due to the two green zeros sectors. The basic pattern, however, remains unchanged. Roulette odds bets are the safest. It is great for long gambling sessions. Most strategies are based on a certain principle: the player bets the chips on a colour and raises the amount if he loses.

Description of tactics

Before you can play the Red-Black-Green Roulette strategy for money, you need to choose how you want the betting amount to change. For example, in the popular Martingale system, the principle of progression with doubling applies:

  1. The user selects the initial bet.
  2. He sets the chips on one of the colours.
  3. Each time he loses, the amount is multiplied by a factor of 2.
  4. If the player wins, he returns to the starting value.

The scheme also works for other odds betting, such as more or less, even or odd. The D’Alamber strategy has a similar algorithm. With each loss, the user adds equal amounts to the bet. The Oscar Grinde strategy is a more complex system with the opposite principle. In it, the bet is increased each time you win. The session ends when the amount exceeds the initial value by a factor of four.

Regardless of which methodology the user chooses, there are a few rules to follow. The first is to set a maximum amount that the user is willing to spend without harming themselves. As soon as the total amount of chips placed reaches this limit, the game should be stopped. It does not matter how much money is won or lost in the process.

Where best to use the Red-Black roulette strategy

Playing for money according to this scheme is on sites with a license and a proven RNG.
In this case, deviations in the generator will not affect the efficiency of the system. It is necessary to choose a game with a minimum casino advantage. First of all, these are roulettes with additional rules for zeros. If La Partage or Surrender are present in the game, then when the ball stops on the zero sector half of the chips placed on a colour greater or lesser and even or odd are returned to the player.
Another rule found in some titles is En Prison. If it is in effect, when a zero is struck, half of the odds bets are fixed on the field until the next round.
European Roulette is considered to be the best game for this method, as it is the one with the lowest casino advantage.

An example of a game


Consider the Martingale strategy on the example of classic European roulette from NetEnt. Its minimum limit is 0.01, the maximum is 5000. The biggest amount you can bet on the odds here is 2,000. Such limits are suitable for the system, as the bet can be raised over an extended period of time. The value of many chips is equal to double the face value of the previous chip, making it easier for the player to act when doubling up.
You should start by betting one 0.01 chip on either red or black. In case of a match, the same chip is placed on either colour, and in the reverse situation, 0.02 is placed on the loser. If the user doesn’t win in the next round, 0.04 is placed on the same colour, then 0.08 and so on until the first win. Similar actions are repeated until the chosen limit is reached.

The role of probability theory

If you exclude the green sector, the chances of red and black are equal. Ideally, the ball would point to it alternately, but in practice this is not the case. One colour may appear several times in a row. This is the variance – the degree to which the actual result deviates from the expected result.
The best games to play are European and French roulette. These varieties have only one zero sector. The American rules, on the other hand, have a double zero, so the variance is increased.
The theory of probability can help you win at an online casino. The odds of red or black falling out are 48.6%. If one colour has not won for 5 spins, the probability of it happening on the 6th time is higher.

Advantages and disadvantages of the system

One of the scheme’s greatest strengths is its simplicity. The user only needs to place two bets, so even a new player can learn the technique. Another reason to choose this strategy is its proven effectiveness. The scheme has been around almost as long as the game itself, and many experienced players have been convinced of its efficiency.
Small rewards are a main disadvantage. The odds per round are 1 to 1. Frequent but small payouts do not motivate all online casino users; as a result, there is a risk of backing out of the chosen algorithm and losing. Another disadvantage is that it will be impossible to keep playing the scheme permanently because the limit has been reached. It therefore makes sense to choose games with a high upper betting threshold on the odds.
Advantages: simplicity of the method, proven effectiveness of the strategy.
Weaknesses: Small wins, reaching the limit

Recommendations from experienced players


Beginners should heed the advice of casino regulars:

  • The bank limit must be set before the session. It should take into account the specifics of the chosen strategy.
  • It is not a good idea to use long range tactics. It works for short sessions.
  • If you win big money from the bets, you need to change tables, because the machine has a certain payout ratio.
  • If a mathematical strategy does not produce results, it is advisable to stop using it.
  • If you have a small pot, choose a table with small stakes. Playing at low limits is less risky.
  • It is worth using the demonstration mode to practise your chosen strategy. It implies that the money replaces the virtual chips that are always on the balance.
  • When waiting for a long time to win, you need to keep a cool mind.


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