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The main hockey tournament of the year is a place where the most talented hockey players on the planet, who do not participate in the playoffs of the National Hockey League, meet. Playing for the national team is a very important event in a sports career. Therefore, even recognised superstars strive to go to the world tournament, which happens at the end of every club season. While ice fighters are competing for the right to be called the best, fans are betting on sports.

Now everyone’s attention is focused on the World Cup 2022, which takes place in Helsinki and Tampere. In May, players from the NHL will absolutely reach the ice arenas in Finland. Therefore, sports observers promise that the World Cup will turn out to be exciting and full of surprises. Carefully study the lineups and forecasts of professionals in order to understand how to avoid mistakes in sports betting.

Exhausting training and improving the results on the way to the world championship


The path of national teams to the world forum begins in training camps. Hockey players who have shown worthy results participate in intermediate international competitions and individual friendly matches. Coaches are closely watching their players to decide on the final composition of the national team and improve game schemes. Every action and decision is aimed at reaching one single goal – to play and win.

Shortly before the start of the game, the team arrives at the venue for the championship.

Tiring training sessions and qualifying matches take up most of the time of hockey players. This applies equally to both the club season and the World Cup. The only significant relief is that players do not have to constantly move between cities, which significantly saves power and resources. The fact is that the venues for world ice hockey tournaments are chosen very carefully and follow strict rules. Both training rinks and main arenas should be located close to each other so that hockey players do not have problems moving between them.

The training schedule for national teams is compiled by the International Ice Hockey Federation. But this schedule is flexible – if necessary, adjustments are made to it every day. The head coach has every right to award the players a day off in case of a victory over a strong opponent or ignore the morning session if there’s an early match ahead. But this is rather an exception than the rule. Even during the World Cup, star hockey players go for a morning run, work out in the gym or on the street, and then train on the ice. Next on the schedule is a hearty lunch and a mandatory afternoon nap. Thanks to such a strict schedule, during the evening game, the athletes are full of energy and can give all their best in the arena.

Land-based warm-ups during the World Championships are organised in sports areas near the arena. In most cases, teams warm up by playing football. This is followed by a skating session with an increase in pace as an element of speed-strength training for hockey players before an official performance. And then – the match itself, which determines the best and gives the audience an amazing spectacle.

Remember that 16 national teams take part in the 2022 Ice Hockey World Championship. Note that the level of their training is very different. The main hockey states are Canada, the United States of America, Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic. Teams of these countries are likely to win this tournament. The teams of Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Latvia and Denmark are middle-level teams. Hockey players, who are happy simply to be in the same arena with recognised superstars, have also come to Finland.

How is the participants’ of the Ice Hockey World Championship leisure time is organised?


Almost a month in Europe provides not only a spectacle of the highest standard at the hockey arena but also fun entertainment and a memorable vacation. Many people come to the world hockey championship to have a good time. Meetings are accompanied by team dinners, jokes and a light atmosphere.

The menu for the national team hockey players is carefully compiled by doctors and nutritionists. In hotels, athletes eat exclusively tasty and healthy food. Before the competition, players prefer high-calorie pasta, often with fish and seafood. After matches, meat dishes with various side dishes are chosen. Sweet desserts are almost never ordered. Instead of ice cream and cakes, they choose various fruits: avocados, mangoes, oranges, and apples.

When a long-awaited day off comes, there are plenty of options for an interesting pastime. Some go on an excursion to a neighbouring city or country. Others host a family or friendly dinner downtown. Forward Gabriel Landeskog from the Swedish national team told reporters that he spends his leisure time with teammates: walking around the neighbourhood or playing card games.

The opportunity to communicate with teammates turns the world championship into a unique hockey holiday. After all, most hockey players play for different clubs throughout the season. And former teammates often turn out to be rivals, eager to win at any cost in the new situation. As they enter the ice rink, there’s no friendship.

An important part of the work of a star hockey player is communication with loyal fans and curious journalists. It’s especially important not to miss out on fan meetings and media interviews at global competitions. Such activity will add bonuses to any successful team, helping to attract everyone’s attention and attract more fans. The International Ice Hockey Federation is constantly coming up with new interesting forms for public performances so that fans get to know their favourites better and see a new side to them. This is true both for traditional autograph sessions and press communication as well as fun challenges between team members.

Winners of the World Cup certainly get all the best. The organisers throw a loud party to celebrate winning the awards. Medal winners party all night long.exhausting-training-and-improving-the-results-on-the-way-to-the-world-championship

Less successful teams that failed to become leaders also find reasons to celebrate. For example, the UK team arrived at the 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship as the main outsider. All commentators predicted that the British would lose, after which they would leave the elite division. But the decisive match with France became a sensation: the lagging team managed to prove their skills on the ice and keep their place on the top list. “I was able to talk to the coaches. They gradually come to their senses and plan to go out to the press. The British deserved this explosion of emotions,” wrote a Canadian sports journalist about the event.

At all hockey world championships, there is an amazing atmosphere of celebration and fun. Fans can get to know each other and share victories and failures. Hockey players, in addition to doing their usual work, have a great leisure time. A bright game and memorable moments will certainly accompany the 2022 World Cup in Finland.


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