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All online casinos have a list of the best games and devices. Most of the users prefer them for simple rules, interesting bonus features, and big jackpots. Every day, millions of players spin the reels of the machines to test their luck, hoping for a win.

Many characteristics make slots of various providers differ from each other. One of these characteristics is game progress saving. Knowing the features of the devices will help you change the machine in time and increase your chances of getting a good result.

About the session saving slot machines


The random number generator (RNG) is responsible for the results of the slot machines. It creates a sequence of values ​​that gradually appear on the screen, and the users get paid for winning combinations.
Providers have different approaches to working with RNG. Some companies create completely different results before a new game starts, while others continue the sequence, so the player goes through different parts of the game as each session starts where the previous one has left off. Devices like this save the user’s progress.

Advantages and disadvantages of online slots in this category

The specified RNG sequence contains segments with large wins, small payouts, and even parts with no prize combinations, although it’s quite possible to get a high multiplier at the beginning of the session. The downside of progress saving slots is that it’s impossible to skip a segment with zero results. The device won’t start winnings payout until these segments are complete.

The advantages of slot machines in this category include:

  • Guaranteed winnings in the long run since the sequence of results, is not updated each time the user starts the slot.
  • An approximate understanding of the required bets if you didn’t get a high multiplier at the beginning of the session.

There is a significant disadvantage. With such devices, you can get one or several weighty wins in a row in a short distance, but after that, the probability of hitting a decent jackpot again is extremely low. It makes no sense to continue the session. To solve this problem, you can launch the slot in a different online casino.

Which providers release history saving slot machines

There are many different brands that create progress saving slots, including NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, and Endorphina, which stand out the most. Most slots from these manufacturers save the history of the game. When the device is started, it continues from the sequence where it left off last time.

The only way to make a difference is to change to a smartphone after spinning reels on the computer. However, this change works only once.

Providers keep the information of the saved progress for different periods.

Red Tiger


The machines of this brand give big wins, including the maximum multiplier, every 400-500 spins on average. However, the probability of getting a prize combination with a high pay again after receiving a large amount is very low. Therefore, when you manage to hit a jackpot, it’s better to leave the machine until the history is cleared. Depending on the slot, this can take from 2 weeks to several months.

In Red Tiger slots, large multipliers appear on average once every 500 spins.

If you change the denomination, there’s a possibility that it will lead to another big win. However, this trick works only on certain slots.


The slot machines of this developer are distinguished by short segment alternation, during which the profitable winnings and the losses occur. The users get the maximum multipliers in NetEnt slots quite rarely. Basically, bonus rounds and medium-sized wins appear in series. The probability of earning 2 high multipliers in a short time is low.

There’s no point in continuing the session after you win a large sum of money. Restarting the game won’t change anything. It’s better to restart the machine after the history had been reset, which takes at least six months. You can try swapping over to a phone if you used a computer before. Alternatively, you can start a machine in another online casino. Otherwise, you have to wait for a high multiplier for a long time, which requires a significant amount of money.

Since each machine has its own sequence of results, you can simply choose another NetEnt machine.

Pragmatic Play

This developer’s slots are hard to predict. In the short run, they can show:

  • the maximum multiplier on one of the first spins.
  • several big wins in a short time period.

It’s also not uncommon for the bankroll to decrease continuously (even if there were many sessions and the user hasn’t used the slot for several days). Rebooting the device does nothing to help solve the problem.

Pragmatic Play entertainment has the potential to get high multipliers many times in a row. However, after the first big win, it’s better to leave the machine. Long-distance spins can significantly decrease the bankroll.


The slot machines of this developer are distinguished by giving out long series of large winnings, including the bonus round wins. At the same time, there are sections of the sequence that have a zero result, which may noticeably decrease the bankroll.

If you won a large amount and got a high multiplier, the chances that it will happen again soon are very low. If you reload the slot or use your smartphone instead of the computer, it will not solve the issue, so it is better to leave the device for a while.

Big Time Gaming


Many devices of the manufacturer have an option to buy bonus games. At the same time, the history of the bonus rounds is saved.

The advantages of Big Time Gaming slots include the potential for a big win at the very first purchase of a bonus. Depending on the size of the bankroll, it may be possible to get the x1000 coefficient, both in one session or during a few visits to the online casino. You could get this multiplier even if there were long breaks between slot using sessions.

The disadvantage of the slot is that there is a small potential for big wins. If you buy the bonuses, high odds appear 2-3 times. After that, only small amounts can be won in the purchased rounds. Sometimes, you end up spending more on purchasing the bonus than winning, which makes it pointless.

If you manage to get an x1000 multiplier in Big Time Gaming slots, you should try to get a few more bonuses. Good sums of money are often given out in series. If your result is bad, it is better to close the game and move on to another one or change the online casino.

Slots which display the history of spins

Some providers include the option of analyzing the history of spins when developing software. This feature allows you to control your spendings and winnings. You can also look at the history to take its results into account.
Statistics of spins are available in Fugaso slots, and Red Rake even allows you to watch a video of the reel spins. You can only view the history if you play for real money.


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