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The big brands of betting companies provide a huge list of betting options. Among these, predictions on total points and the number of serves of each individual player are particularly popular. In tennis betting, bettors often bet on aces. In tennis betting, bettors often bet on aces. These, in turn, represent the innings of the game balls into the game. This kind of game is also particularly popular in football betting.

If a tennis match is to be played between titled players, predictions are preferably made on the total number of aces. Next, we will analyze this topic in detail.

What types of bets on aces exist?


Let’s start with the existing types of betting in this category. Of course, its variety depends not only on the betting company itself, but also on the status of the tournament and the upcoming match. In this regard, bets are allocated on individual aces and on its total number, it is also possible to predict the player who will complete the first pitching or become the leader in the number completed. In general, the more prestigious the competition, the more variations of forecasts are opened for the bettor. For example, if we are talking about the Olympic Games or one of the largest Grand Slam tennis tournaments. In such events, the choice of possible forecasts becomes huge.

Experts shared with us their tips for successful betting. It’s worth starting with the fact that you need to know the average number of innings of the ball through a particular tennis player. Statistics show that amateur novice athletes, players who are not tall, and players who are far below the top 1,000 players in the world may never get an ace at all. But experienced athletes, in particular males, usually perform at least 20-30 innings right through for two.

As for the female, they do not have the same physical strength, stamina and power. For this reason, they cannot perform as many aces per match. Usually these numbers are in the range of 8-13 shots per game. Although, of course, there are exceptions, there are occasions when the men are really shocked by the number of aces performed by the girls. Average men, on the other hand, usually shoot about 15-25 shots per game.

Prestigious tournaments are good opportunities for a bettor


The second point for your successful forecasts will be the possession of information about the possible variations of bets depending on the prestige and level of the tournament or competition. As we said above, there is indeed quite a lot that depends on this. Often, especially first-time bettors, make a mistake. They do not know the full list of available bets and deprive themselves of the opportunity to earn extra money. Answering the question on which tournaments the list of possible predictions is the widest, our experts said that these are, of course, the Olympic Games, matches of the Great Tennis tournament, Masters, Davis Cup competitions and many other major fights.
The third and most important advice from our experts was that the very process of betting on aces should be well analyzed and substantiated by the statistics of past tennis games. It is worth starting by learning information about the average number of ball shots performed by a particular athlete. These statistics can be quickly found on specialized tennis websites or other sports platforms. Be sure to study the protocols of past competitions, namely: the total score of the match, the percentage of the first and second serves, the mistakes of tennis players and their physical condition, the aces performed and much more that can affect your final goal.
It’s no secret that, perhaps, in every sport there are such players who become an exception for everyone. In tennis, these athletes must have great natural strength and ingenuity. Because of this, athletes can win entire games at once. For example, Croatian tennis player Ivo Karlovic, Swiss athlete Roger Federer or American John Isner There are not many such outstanding talents, but they were, are and will be. By the way, it is worth paying attention to the exceptions of the weaker sex – these are the girls of Petra Kvitova from the Czech Republic, Mugurusa from Spain, Rybakina from Kazakhstan and Barty from sunny Australia.

Speaking of Barty, her height is not great at all. However, this does not prevent her from translating many aces into reality. The Australian tennis player is the exception to the rule. Because, many believe that aces can be successfully performed if you have high height and skills.
If there is no information on the internet for whatever reason about the player or opponent you are looking for, we strongly recommend that you watch a few games of that player in person, or find a live stream. That way you can see everything in detail and get the information you need. Of course, every player is an individual, each one has advantages and disadvantages,because we are human beings, not robots.itself
For beginners, pitches are an extremely difficult phase of the game. It is worth saying that even very experienced athletes don’t always get it right, or as planned. To all this, a huge disadvantage will be the tolerance of mistakes and a small percentage of the first pitch. If you are just starting your journey, then we do not recommend making such forecasts.
So, to summarise. To bet successfully on aces in tennis, you need to learn and analyse your opponent’s fitness data, watch the match in person or via online streaming.

We strongly recommend that you find out in advance the type of coverage of the playing field. Due to the fact that a lot depends on it: a different rebound of the game ball, additional mistakes of the players and more. Be sure to follow the emotional background of the athlete. It is clear that for a successful duel it is necessary to be calm and restrained. If this is not the case, then emotions will lead to additional mistakes. Of course, analyse the percentage of your pitches. Note that the higher these figures are, the more opportunities you have to win cash prizes.

Generally, in these circumstances it is best to use a live betting format, because that way you can formulate your predictions more clearly or correct it quickly. Also bet the aces on tennis players you know. Look at the physical and mental fitness of the player. If there’s no problem with that, you’re unlikely to have any. Best wishes for success!


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